10 tweaks to improve your memory

10 Tweaks to a better memory

I’m assuming that at least from time to time, you make a heroic effort to revise for your exams. And I’m also assuming that no matter how hard you work to get information into your head, that over the subsequent few days and weeks most of it’s gone!

I can confidently assume that this is happening since human beings are hardwired to forget. If you’re normal – and you probably are – and unless you already have a great learning strategy, then the chances are, no matter how hard you work you’ll be forgetting stuff as you go!

But what if you do have a robust learning strategy? Can you counteract your natural tendency to forget?

Yes, you can! If a strategy works, then it works!

If yours doesn’t however, you may want to read on!

Here are 10 easy things you can do, to fit in with how your brain already learns best.

  1. Work in short bursts of time. We are predisposed to concentrate for only short periods of time. So make sure you take frequent breaks and do something completely different, so that when you come back five minutes later, your brain is ready for more.
  2. Divide what you have to learn into small chunks of information. Your brain will naturally absorb what you are learning if you focus on a little at a time. You can learn an infinite amount of information, providing you break it up into small enough pieces.
  3. Use plain paper. The problem with lined paper is that you will be tempted to write in whole sentences. And the problem with that is that it’s very difficult for your brain to remember any of it. Remember, less is more. When you write your notes you need to aim to only write 10% or so of the original material. Now, finding the right 10%… that’s the art!

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10 Tweaks to a better memory


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