Do you have an effective study schedule?

Do you have an effective study schedule?

“What is a study schedule?”, I hear you ask!

A study schedule is a plan of attack to maximise the effectiveness of the time you’ve set aside to revise.

Why do you need it?

Have you got time to waste? Are you revising for the sheer fun of it? Or are you struggling to fit the time in, given that you’ve got other, more important fish to fry, such as the small matter of building and maintaining your business; not to mention finding customers and taking care of them?

So the reason you need a study schedule is to speed everything up when it comes to revising, and making sure that what you are doing is efficient and actually works!

I expect there are many different ways of maximising your efficiency, but in my experience, I find that most of my clients benefit from an approach like this one:

Study schedule: Order of attack!

1. Identify

  1. Big picture – whole subject
  2. Sections
  3. Subsections
  4. Chunks
  5. Keywords
  6. Patterns

2. Manipulate

  1. Arrange

3. Consolidate

  1. Test (close eyes, out loud, draw in air)
  2. Test question
  3. Reference (filing)
  4. Test
  5. Sticky question

4. File


Click on the article below for the details of an effective study strategy

Do you have an effective study schedule

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