How to Pass

PFS & CII Exams*

First Time

*And CISI, LIBF, CFP®, in fact... any professional certification exam!

Spend less time studying, score 80% and more in every exam, and remember everything you’ve learned - forever!


  • The real reason passing CII exams is a struggle
  • The most common mistakes made which are guaranteed to stop you succeeding
  • What to do instead to send information to your long-term memory
  • How to remember more by spending less time studying
  • How to fit your studying in around your work and family commitments
  • How rapid certification supports your career ambitions
  • How to become more knowledgeable, confident and the go-to expert in your industry

Shhh! Top Secret!

This webinar and my Study Skills System works with ANY professional certification exam!

Watch my short webinar and discover how to ensure exam success.

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