Accelerator Mindset

Focus, Learning Zone, Motivation

To achieve effective study, you need to be able to achieve sustained focus. You need to maintain motivation for the long-term. You also need the ability to enter the ideal learning zone at will.

These elements are crucial for mastering your study and excelling in exams.

This science-backed programme is designed to help you access an develop these skills, quickly, consistently and automatically, ensuring you study efficiently and effectively every time.

“Since working with Lysette I have been much calmer in my approach/attitude towards my studying, even to the point that I have quite enjoyed it! I have enjoyed learning and using my brain to make connections and understanding the material. Colleagues at work and my husband have also commented on how positive I am towards my studies and how calm I have been! Studying is now no longer a chore but a pleasant journey!”

Claire Harper Dip CII Dip PFS, Independent Financial Planner at ICF Financial Services Ltd, Hull

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