Genius Principles

A structured and powerful approach to emotional intelligence and personal effectiveness

Developing emotional intelligence and self-awareness offers numerous benefits, enhancing personal and professional life. Understanding the brain’s workings provides clarity for higher effectiveness and minimises misunderstandings. Self-awareness enables the retention of beneficial traits and effective interpretation of emotions, fostering self-care and better support for others. Mastering thinking styles regulates outcomes and enhances empathy, promoting personal confidence and professional success. Improved communication skills foster influence and teamwork, while modifying unhelpful beliefs boosts well-being and productivity. A shift in perspective unlocks new possibilities, and aligning with true motivation drives focused action towards goals. Continued development accelerates personal growth, leading to greater success and fulfilment.

“3 years ago I took over the full ownership and running of my family’s 30 year old insurance broking business. I particularly wanted to make it my own and stamp my personality on it.I was already confident in my knowledge and skills as well as my ability to give my clients the highest standard of service. I found, however, that the transition from the old way of doing things to the new way, didn’t just need a change of processes – a change in thinking was also necessary as certain aspects of running the business seemed a daunting prospect.

”Thanks to Lysette’s coaching I’ve ‘felt the fear and done it anyway!’, attending networking meetings, giving talks and even appearing in my own videos. Things that many of us find difficult to do. The business is growing and I am on track to reach my goals. I have a Business Coach so it makes perfect sense to have a Mindset Coach as well. Working with Lysette is one of the best investments I’ve made for myself and my business.”

Jo Spencer, Chartered Insurance Broker & Commercial Insurance Specialist for Manufacturing & Engineering SMEs


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