Pedro Bonillo-Farias is Genius Material

"This webinar helped me pass RO3, RO4, RO2, J10, RO8, RO5 and LP2, in that order and in 2 months! I was paying attention and I'm well on my way to becoming Chartered!"

Pedro Bonillo-Farias, PBF Wealth Management Ltd, St James's Place Wealth Management

“Can I just say how brilliant this webinar is. I am studying at the moment, have been really struggling and these tips have changed my whole outlook and strategy.” 

Stuart Rimmer, Senior Manager, Business Acquisition

Stuart Rimmer
Getting to Chartered SJP
SJPP logo GM

In this recorded webinar you will discover:

  • Why, until now, you've found it so difficult to remember what you've learned
  • What to do and
  • What not to do to
  • Get information into your brain and
  • Keep it there - until the exam and beyond

Make exam headaches a thing of the past.

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