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Genius Material is for:

Financial Services

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I've been working with Financial Services students since before the RDR requirements came into force at the end of 2012. Many of the testimonials are of those who eventually passed their Diploma exams with the help of Genius Material.

Other Professionals

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People studying for qualifications and certifications in many diverse professions such as IT programming, the law, aviation, forces and accountancy, have used Genius Material to help them pass exams first time and while managing a full-time job.

Teenagers & Students

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Young people studying several subjects at once for GCSE and A Level is where Genius Material all began. It's never too late, and university students have even been known to bounce back from a disappointing start and get the grades they're proud of.

Lysette Offley
Lysette Offley

Genius material works!

Scott Douglas

I sat JO6 in October 2011 and failed by 6%. But then I found Genius Material. It was very helpful and using the techniques you suggested gave me much more confidence. I only had one exam to pass for my Diploma but with JO6 being a long and complex subject I felt I needed a bit more help. Genius Material certainly contributed towards me passing the exam. I re-sat the same exam in April 12 and passed with 83%.”

Scott Douglas, Vision Lifestyle Financial Planning Limited, Falkirk

Arah Perrett St James's Place Partnership

"I passed my AF2 exam comfortably in October, in no small part because of the structure that the Genius Material system provided. Thanks again; it was my third attempt at this exam and I would have abandoned trying to achieve Chartered status if hadn’t got through. I’m now in a completely different place and have absolute confidence that I can pass exams at Advanced level with the right preparation.”

Arah Perrett, Partnership Development Consultant, St James’s Place

Work with Lysette
Work with Lysette

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