Gain advanced qualifications and elevate your career with a personalised study system designed for busy professionals. Pass exams easily by doing less work, retain more information, and boost your confidence.

The Problem with Traditional Studying


We're hardwired to forget, making it difficult to retain information for exams. Even with significant effort, you may find yourself back at square one.


While we're great learners, we're rarely taught how to effectively learn from books. Traditional methods often don't account for individual learning preferences.


Busy professionals struggle to find time for studying amidst client work, business responsibilities, and family commitments.             

The Genius Material Approach 

1. Personalised Strategy

We work together to understand how your brain processes information and create a bespoke programme tailored to your learning style.

2. Efficient Learning

Learn the quickest, most efficient way to absorb and retain information, working smarter, not harder. 

3. Mindset Mastery

Address any mental blocks or bottlenecks swiftly, freeing you to focus on your studies without hindrance. 

4. Ongoing Support

I stay with you until you pass your exam, ensuring you have the support you need throughout your journey. 

Benefits of the Genius Material System

Spend Less Time Studying

Optimise your study sessions to make the most of your limited time.

Retain More Information

Learn techniques to store information in your long-term memory effectively.

Pass Exams Easily First Time

Approach exams with confidence, knowing you're well- prepared.

Boost Confidence & Self-esteem

Experience the positive impact of academic success on your professional life.

Proven Results

From Failing to 80% Plus

Many clients go from failing repeatedly to passing every exam with scores of 80% or higher. This isn't just hope; it's an expectation with the Genius Material system.

Long-term Retention

Not only do clients pass exams, but they also retain the information long after, truly acquiring knowledge and becoming more competent and respected advisers.

Business Growth

As confidence and knowledge increase, many clients report a boom in their business, with improved trust and reliance from others.

Leeds Insurance Institute
Genius Material Velocity Ian Ferguson

About your Coach

  • Memory & Mindset Coach with extensive world-class training
  • Honours degree from Leicester University
  • PGCE from Reading University
  • 20 years experience in UK mainstream schools
  • Since 2004, running a business focused on life-transforming training for professionals
  • Specialist in creating step-by-step, simple systems for breakthrough learning and success

The Genius Material Philosophy

Unlock Your Potential

You already have everything you need to succeed.

Continuous Learning

With the right teacher, you can learn anything you don't yet have.

Guaranteed Success

Develop the memory and mindset you need to succeed.

Genius Material Brain

Ready to Transform Your Study Experience?

Don't let exams hold you back from the career of your dreams. With the Genius Material system, you can expect to pass every exam with a score of 80% or higher, while spending less time studying and retaining information for life.

Lysette Offley
Lysette Offley

Genius material works!

Scott Douglas

I sat JO6 in October 2011 and failed by 6%. But then I found Genius Material. It was very helpful and using the techniques you suggested gave me much more confidence. I only had one exam to pass for my Diploma but with JO6 being a long and complex subject I felt I needed a bit more help. Genius Material certainly contributed towards me passing the exam. I re-sat the same exam in April 12 and passed with 83%.”

Scott Douglas, Vision Lifestyle Financial Planning Limited, Falkirk

Arah Perrett St James's Place Partnership

"I passed my AF2 exam comfortably in October, in no small part because of the structure that the Genius Material system provided. Thanks again; it was my third attempt at this exam and I would have abandoned trying to achieve Chartered status if hadn’t got through. I’m now in a completely different place and have absolute confidence that I can pass exams at Advanced level with the right preparation.”

Arah Perrett, Partnership Development Consultant, St James’s Place

Work with Lysette
Work with Lysette

Book your "Pass Exams Easily" Discovery Call

Let’s hop on a 60-minute call so I can understand your career goals and the challenges you are facing passing your exams.

If I can help you reach your goals, I’ll tell you how.  

If I can’t, I’ll point you in the right direction! 

Lysette Offley
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