Genius Memory – My Approach

What's the problem?

In a nutshell, there are three massive problems for professional people when it comes to studying for exams.

1. Evolution

The first problem is we're hardwired to forget.

That means that even if you successfully get information into your head, you're going to start to forget it 20 minutes later... and continue to forget it... forever.

That's why it's so, so difficult to pass exams requiring you to demonstrate what you know. You can put an enormous amount of sweat equity into your studies and still end up back where you started.

If you're one of the many, many advisers who find themselves re-sitting the same exam over and over you'll relate to this.

pass Diploma and Chartered Financial exams - caveman

2. Know-how

The next problem is, that while we are great learners (we'd have to be, wouldn't we to be as successful as we are) no one ever teaches us how to learn the sort of information you get in books.

Even if you were lucky enough to have a cursory nod towards learning strategies at school, for most advisers that feels like a lifetime ago, and in any case won't have taken into account your preferred way of handling information, which you already do very well in other contexts. 

But somehow, that hasn't helped when it comes to passing exams.

3. Time

The last massive problem for advisers is that they are very busy professional people, already necessarily prioritising their clients and their businesses, not to mention their families.

Spare time is hard to come by, and many of them find it a huge challenge to squeeze studying in to an already pressured schedule.

And, as we've already said, if despite all your efforts, what you're doing isn't working, many advisers end up quitting, concluding that it's just not possible... not for them, anyway.

And that's a shame, because when you have the right learning strategy, not only will you have a quick and efficient system to allow your brain to make a pattern of the information and send it to your long-term memory, you will also know how to keep it there, not just for the exam... but forever.

This means that you are truly acquiring knowledge. You are becoming the competent and respected adviser you want to be. You will find that other people know they can trust you and rely on you. Your confidence and self-esteem will shoot through the roof and you’ll find your business booming.

Life simply becomes easier and more fun.

If you've seen the many testimonials you will begin to detect a pattern.

Before working with me, it's typical for an adviser to have to sit and resit each exam several times in order to eventually scrape past the pass mark.

Usually, failure is their cue to dedicate yet more time to the cause, by sacrificing family and client time, and to work even more fiercely.

Eventually they realise that this isn't the answer either. 

The worst-case scenario is that eventually they give up on themselves.

The best case scenario at this point is that they appreciate that what they're doing isn't working and so stop doing it! With any luck, they finally realise it’s time to do something different...

Your growth mindset plan

They need to:

Work smarter not harder

This is usually the time when they notice Genius Material and start asking questions.

They see for themselves from the testimonials that they are not alone. Many advisers have started from where they are now, and as a consequence of working with me, have turned their results round.

Having their own, tailor-made study system designed exactly for the way that their brain beautifully processes information already means that they go from failing repeatedly to passing every exam, with a score of around 80%.

I'll say that again!

Every exam with a score of 80%

Hope -v- Expectation

We’re not talking hope! We're talking expectation.

My clients expect to pass every exam with a score of 80%. What's more, they expect to remember that information forever.

And so can you.


  1. That’s because we will work together as a team to ensure that you ‘get it’. 
  2. I'll find out how your brain likes to process information and how you think.
  3. I'll create a bespoke programme for you, and teach you the quickest, most efficient way for you to get information into your head, by working less not more.
  4. We'll make sure you know how to retain information for the exam and beyond.
  5. Any mindset issues causing a bottleneck will be dealt with swiftly, leaving you free to just get on with it.


I will stay with you until you pass your exam

There’s no room for slipping through the net.

If it's possible for other advisers then it's possible for you, too

Even if you've got a secret fear that you're the exception to the rule, I can assure you, you can do this too and I'd love the opportunity to prove it to you.

Who am I and why should you listen?

I am a Memory & Mindset Coach, utilising extensive and world-class training, skills and experience as a teacher and coach.

I have the usual qualifications and academic background you'd expect from an experienced teacher working with other professionals:

  1. An honours degree from Leicester University.
  2. PGCE from Reading University.
  3. 20 years experience working in mainstream schools in the UK.
  4. Since 2004, my own business, built around creating life-transforming training and experiences for professionals.
  5. Specialism in creating step-by-step, simple systems to ensure breakthrough learning and success.
The Power of Association using The Link Method

"The Missing Link"

This is how my work is described by top educational professionals such as the Dean of Students at Regent's University, London.

I've dedicated my working life to facilitating transformative experiences for my students, young and old. If I could wave a magic wand I would teach what I know now to every child at school.

Not everyone wants or needs to pass exams, but, knowing that it's an option means that exams will never hold them back from the career of their dreams.

I work from your model of the world, and from the presupposition that:

  • You already have everything you need to succeed, and
  • With the right teacher, anything you don't have yet, you can learn.
  • The ultimate purpose of my work is to help you develop the memory and mindset you need to succeed.

Proud husband, Peter, describes the tremendous difference it made to his wife, Vikki, once she knew how to learn and retain information.

Having struggled to achieve the necessary qualifications to become a Fund manager for the HSBC, when she wanted to change careers she and her husband, Peter, knew she needed a better approach.

This time, she not only passed every Advanced exam first time, to gain her Chartered Status as fast as possible, but she scored so highly in her exams that she won a prize!

Vikki Watson, CHARTERED(!) Financial Adviser at clarity

Two advanced exams passed, coursework handed in a week early and true exam confidence is what you get when you know how to learn and retain information. Ben is well on his way to Fellowship.

Ben Clay, Clay Warden Wealth Management Ltd, Coventry

NEWS FLASH 26.07.21

Ben has achieved his LIBF Chartered Status!

Why you're still here, after years of trying

"I sat the CF8 Long-Term Care exam, with only 5 weeks to revise. I followed your programme and scored 89%! 90% would have been a Distinction.

So the best result so far in my CII exams. Thank you for Genius Material.

The best investment I’ve made in a long time!”

Maria Clifton, Belgrave Asset Management Ltd

Maria Clifton
Pedro Bonillo-Farias is Genius Material

"Genius Material helped me pass RO3, RO4, RO2, J10, RO8, RO5 and LP2, in that order and in 2 months! I was paying attention and I'm well on my way to becoming Chartered!"

Pedro Bonillo-Farias, PBF Wealth Management Ltd, St James's Place Wealth Management, Bristol

Newsflash! Pedro is now just 10 Credits away from Chartered, and unstoppable!

YOU too, can pass EVERY exam FIRST time by doing LESS work.


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