Those of us of ‘a certain age’ might recall seeing ‘Pollyanna’ on TV many moons ago. Based on the bestselling ...

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You can be glad about that

Exercise may be good for you, but all that hard work and strain on your body creates free radicals – ...

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How do antioxidants improve memory?

Many of us, living in the Thames Valley, and on other low-lying land in the UK are experiencing the most ...

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Emotional Flooding!

It’s important to manage your revision carefully. Make sure you’re well organised, that you have everything that you need. Record ...

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How to organise yourself to get better grades

Some people learn best by doing. If you’re one of those people, you can do worse than to link things ...

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Learning by Doing

It was reckoned by psychologist George Miller in 1956, that depending on circumstances, we can only pay attention to roughly ...

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Seven plus or minus two

1. Spend enough time with the information for your brain to make a pattern of it. 2. Make your notes ...

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7 Tips for successful revision

Bui Ha Duc and Xiaoping Li of the National University of Singapore, have been studying the physiological changes in the ...

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Are you feeling sleepy?

In one ear and out the other! Ever noticed you have selective hearing for the stuff you’re interested in while ...

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How to make learning a healthy obsession

“Not all children have the type of dreamy, social, easy fun time that we all wish for them to have ...

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Don’t bugger up your soufflé!

I was looking forward to being part of Reading University’s world record attempt today, celebrating academic achievement, coincidentally during Brain Awareness ...

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Reading University’s world record attempt

A lot of people are so focused on getting the information into their heads, they don’t pay enough attention to ...

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A long forgotten technique for remembering stuff

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