Did you know that if you write less, you’ll remember more? Well, it’s true! In fact, some therapists encourage their ...

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Write less, remember more!

 Photomath Smart Camera Cheating or Genius idea? Judge for yourself Mathematical ‘aha’ moments Genius use of modern technology     ...

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More Genius Material?

The more we think, the less we believe! Well, in God anyway… Apparently, we humans use two separate cognitive systems ...

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Thinking –v- Believing

I expect you know that your brain is divided into two hemispheres: left and right. It was once thought that ...

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Are you well-connected?

Do you by any chance remember the interview given by the leader of one of the RAF Black Buck missions ...

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Guess who’s coming to dinner? Boris Johnson, that’s who!

It’s useful to know there are two easy things to improve your revision, because in revision sessions, just as in ...

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Two easy things to improve your revision

If you’re feeling stressed over your Advanced Diploma exam, you’re hardly likely to be studying efficiently. So the sooner you ...

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Stressed over the Advanced Diploma exams?

I bet you have a high expectation of your car starting when you turn the key in the ignition! And ...

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No such thing as a bad memory

Rethinking how memory works… Its job is to make sense of the world and keep you safe. It’s not bothered ...

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Forgot? No problem!

Enjoy all over again, this blast from the past: Anneka Rice’s reaction to a Harrier Jump Jet just suddenly appearing ...

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BLAST from the past!

Cor, lummy, I don’t half feel old when I start talking about the younger generation! Yes, yes. There’s a good ...

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The problem with the yoof of today

You can’t think straight when you’re stressed and anxious. You’re not supposed to think straight when you’re stressed and anxious! ...

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Biggest revision mistakes: Stress

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