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How do you learn best?
How do you tailor your studying to the way that your brain prefers to process information? Knowing how makes life[...]
I can help you pass Diploma and Chartered Financial exams easily
Why are we here? A lot of people know that for a long time I’ve been helping financial advisers pass exams[...]
Disappointment – how do you cope with it?
We've all been there. That horrible slump felt in the body, following the excitement and anticipation of something you're looking[...]
Searching for happiness? You’re looking in the wrong place!
There's a story I remember from my childhood that's part of my family culture. I don't know where it came from[...]
Learning Styles! What’s that about?
Are learning styles out of vogue now? I'm certainly witnessing a lot of muttering and foot-shuffling and floor-gazing! Spoiler Alert![...]
How to know if your brain is healthy
One simple question tells you everything you need to know. If I were to ask you how old you feel, your[...]
How to understand yourself and others
Want to understand yourself and others better? Ever asked yourself, why do they do that? Thanks to Tanya Ces Maneiro[...]
How bad is your memory?
How bad is your memory exactly? Do you need to be Brain of Britain to pass your exams? German psychologist,[...]
What have leprechauns and happiness got in common?
Is your 'being' well?Well-being seems to be all the rage these days.We all need it, but some of us don’t[...]
What makes you feel better?
Do you know what makes you feel better? Everyone needs a way to make themselves feel better; to regulate their[...]
The Power of Association using The Link Method
Here's what you need to know about the Link MethodIf you’ve ever had a spontaneous thought, triggered by something else;[...]
How to boost your IQ by 10% (in 30 seconds)
Wanna boost your IQ? If you or people you love are taking exams and feeling overwhelmed by the pressure; if[...]
Which tribe do you belong to?
Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP) famously asks, “How much happiness can you stand?” How would you answer that? And when[...]
Write less, remember more!
Did you know that if you write less, you'll remember more? Well, it’s true! In fact, some therapists encourage their[...]
Are you aware of your brain? It’s Brain Awareness Week
It’s Brain Awareness Week, this week. Are you, like me, wondering why we need to dedicate a week to pointing[...]
How to use highlighters to remember what you’re learning
Want to know how to use highlighters to remember what you’re learning? Highlighting the challenge Who likes to use highlighters[...]
How to make notes your brain will remember for the exam and beyond
Want to know how to make notes your brain will remember?We all know we need to make notes when we[...]
How to use your nose to eliminate stress!
Want to know how to eliminate stress with your nose? When we are in a state of stress, we can’t[...]
What would you give to achieve your goals?
Could you be a Winter Olympian? What would you give to achieve your goals? Fed up with winter and ready[...]
Think first, act later…
It's often better to buy yourself some time to think first, act later. Here's one of those times. BT OpenReach[...]
The best time to study difficult information
Is there a right or wrong time to study difficult information? Do you find sometimes that despite your best efforts,[...]
How to manage your mind
And why you should! If you can't manage your mind - you can't manage anything! Or at least, that's how[...]
We’re all the same…
Except for those who aren't! We Human beings have a lot in common, and yet there are so many differences too,[...]
We’re getting stupider!
Average IQ is 7 IQ points less each century We've often heard (and probably more than likely due to improvements[...]
Happy music makes you more creative
Hey! Imagine that! It's official... Happy music makes you more creative - if you're engaged in some activity that requires[...]
What’s in a name? How we describe something influences our experience!
Notwithstanding the terrible devastation going on in certain parts of the globe at the moment, how we describe something affects[...]
Does the left hand know what the right hand’s doing?
Left hand, let me introduce you to the right. You have much in common! Some of you will be aware[...]
How to be a better learner
I’m often asked how I can help people pass their Diploma and Chartered Finance and Insurance exams, and usually by[...]
More great GCSE Results with Genius Material
Great results for GCSE students Just goes to show what you can achieve with Genius Material - pass exams easily,[...]
What if you fail your exams?
OMG! You won't believe this.... but apparently some of you actually failed to read my newsletter last week!! Seriously! Imagine[...]
Did you get the ‘A’ Level results you need?
Crikey! The 'phone hasn't stopped ringing this week, and no, I'm not complaining! Several enquiries by soon-to-be-clients and several excited[...]
How to get happy in just 30 minutes
Feeling a bit under the weather? What a wet August! After a blistering June/July you'd be forgiven for being a[...]
How to shake off stress
Stress! Who needs it? Well, actually, we all do! But not all the time! We've evolved to use the stress[...]
10 Tweaks to a Better Memory
Wish you had  better memory? I'm assuming that at least from time to time, you make a heroic effort to[...]
Silly Season is Here!
You know me! I just couldn't help myself... I mean...! The answer you get is only as good as the question[...]
How to stop your mind wandering
You'd have thought, wouldn't you, that to stop your mind wandering and get anything done, especially in this fast-paced environment[...]
Ever had to rethink a strategy?
Caught with my pants down! Go on! Bet you'd have done the same... Making the most of the recent glorious weather[...]
How to get rid of depression
Depression - when you're in it, it's difficult to see that it's a temporary situation, and that, "this too shall[...]
Zap your brain to increase your intelligence
I don't think I would, but would you put yourself through this on the off chance it might increase your intelligence? For[...]
Why? Kos you can! Get rid of phobias.
Get rid of phobias... and painlessly too. We've recently returned from a fabulous holiday in the sun with friends. I've[...]
Some strategies for success
1. Find an appropriate strategy Remember what we said recently? You are far more likely to achieve your goal by[...]
Less is more when it comes to making study notes
When it comes to making study notes, less is more. Ever noticed how hard it is to retain information if[...]
Thought for the day
Well - here's a thought for the day! This home video on YouTube is mercifully short, given that you probably[...]
What’s the secret of successful study?
Who doesn't want to know the secret of successful study? With school and university exams coming up, it got me thinking[...]
Don’t think of a blue elephant!
Ha! Got ya! You did, didn’t you! Of course, that’s the way our brains process information. You can’t deliberately not[...]
Do you have an effective study schedule?
“What is a study schedule?”, I hear you ask! A study schedule is a plan of attack to maximise the[...]
Overcoming hopelessness
You're not stuck with it, no matter how it seems - there really are ways of overcoming hopelessness. Overcoming hopelessness[...]
Memory loss and memory growth
Talking of memory loss, you know there are three signs of old age... The first is memory loss. And I[...]
Pen is mightier than keyboard
See this clever infographic to discover why penmanship beats computers hands down!
Why you should ditch the computer and make revision notes by hand
Especially these days, when we are so dependent on our trusty computers both for finding information and also for filing[...]
The secret to remembering what you learn
When it comes to memory and remembering what you learn, you wouldn't be the first to ask yourself if there's[...]
Will this stop the bullying?
Just returned from a fabulous week’s skiing. Here I am, as you see - working hard! Who's this?   Sharing[...]
Anger management – the three secrets
You could call this Anger Management 101 It was certainly a lesson well-learnt for me - because one of us[...]
Stop praising your kids!
Because you want the best for them! Have you ever wondered why is it that some folks stall at the[...]
They call the wind “Maria”
But it would be safer to call it 'Mario'! Last week's Storm Doris did for me, I'm afraid... A gust-related,[...]
Are you smarter than average too?
An interesting thing about Human beings is our tendency to think we’re smarter than most other Human beings! But the[...]
So cool as to be completely non-plussed?
Me thinks he has a touch of the Andy Murray's apparent lack of excitement about him! Priceless! Must watch![...]
Change the record to fix your memory problems and learn anything
A change is as good as a rest, to fix your memory problems - or so they say! When revising[...]
Do you know how to achieve your goal?
It's a simple enough question, but do you really know how to achieve your goal? Let me tell you about[...]
I’ll sort your head out because I’m The Head Fixer!
There's quite a spread of problems that I can help people with, but they all have 3 things in common,[...]
Food for thought
Here's food for thought, for you... Did you know, that eating oily fish is good for you? Yes, of course[...]
How to get rid of anxiety, especially if you’re anxious to do so!
No one likes to feel uncomfortable (do they?) so why would you put up with it when you can easily find[...]
How to eliminate exam nerves and anxiety and sail through your exams
If only you knew how to eliminate exam nerves and anxiety at will! Because when you’ve invested so much time,[...]
Is your interpretation causing your suffering?
Is your interpretation causing your suffering? By that I mean, are you aware that you suffer, not at the hands[...]
Serial Position makes studying easier
Did you know that using Serial Position makes studying easier? I bet sometimes you wonder how you’re ever going to[...]
How to talk to strangers
You’d hardly think we'd need instruction on how to talk to strangers, would you? Or would you? After all, haven't[...]
Learning is fun! Or is it?
Remember when learning was fun? Building castles in the sand pit, sloshing water from one container to another in the[...]
Do you believe in The Magical Number Seven?
Do you believe in The Magical Number Seven? You should! At least where your memory is concerned. Way back, in[...]
Teach your kids how to develop a Growth Mindset
Why would you want to know how to develop a growth mindset? And what would having a growth mindset do[...]
How to remember what you’ve learned
If you've been reading my previous articles you’ll already know how to remember what you've learned, and will also be[...]
Not waving but drowning – rescuing drowning sheep
Not waving, but drowning. It's not how we normally spend our Sundays - rescuing drowning sheep! Having chickened out of[...]
Don’t bugger up your soufflé!
"Not all children have the type of dreamy, social, easy fun time that we all wish for them to have[...]
Are you doing anxiety and depression?
Doing anxiety and depression?, I hear you ask... Yes, doing anxiety and depression! What am I missing? A recent study apparently[...]
Are you a figment of my imagination? Or is it me?
Can I believe my eyes or are you a figment of my imagination? It doesn't seem to matter how many times[...]
Celebrating Olympic and GCSE results?
All round celebrations this week - celebrating Olympic and GCSE results. Are you joining in? There's plenty to celebrate -[...]
Why writing lines really is punishment
Are you, like me, old enough to remember, at school, staying in and writing lines, as some sort of atonement for[...]
Good ‘A’ Level Results?
And what to do, if not Many congratulations to the young people celebrating their hard work by getting the good 'A'[...]
What connects our Olympic athletes and Maybelline?
So there's a connection, is there, between our Olympic athletes and Maybelline? Keep reading… Listen to the stories of any[...]
Let’s do it – maybe!
We don't need motivation for the things we want to do... We're already doing them!! So maybe the best way[...]
A Memory Technique – The Link Method
Your brain loves the sort of connections and associations formed by using the Link Method of learning, and it remembers new[...]
Are you a failure?
Are you a failure? Good! Most people avoid failing, and at all costs, too. But maybe this TEDx talk by Keith Peters[...]
Fancy a smack in the teeth?
I'm told, violence is never the answer, but when you're feeling down, anxious and worried - how would you respond[...]
It’s a sign!
Is it a sign of the times, that the on-going debate won't abate! Which debate? The one among scientists, about the brain[...]
Did you make the right decision?
On a day when the results of the EU Referendum are announced, I ask, "Did you make the right decision?"[...]
What does cholesterol do to your brain, eggsactly?
So what does cholesterol do to our brains? Your brain is 2-3% of your total body weight – or so[...]
I love being married
"I love being married. It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest[...]
Mastication is good for you!
Mastication is good for you after all! Hey! Mastication doesn’t make you blind, it makes you brainier! Let me explain...[...]
How to be happy
Wanna know how to be happy? I know, I know… It's not the first time I've posted a link to[...]
Your 2 minutes could help end poverty in Africa
Your 2 minutes could help end poverty in Africa No kidding! I'm temporarily breaking the mould for another week and sending[...]
Positive psychology? Are you sure?
Here's a hilarious talk by Shawn Achor, psychologist, about positive psychology and what it can do for us.   What does[...]
Ideacide -v- courage
Ideacide -v- courage - what's that about? What a difference 132 years makes What have John Humphreys, Elton John, the[...]
Spaced out?
When is being spaced out a good thing? When it speeds up the memorisation process, that’s when! When you study[...]
What cost, improving self-esteem?
After Arnie’s ‘paperless classroom’ debacle, resulting in ingenious, entrepreneurial teenage crims hacking the provided iPads in order to sell them[...]
We all stand together
Years ago, when I was teaching, I arranged Paul McCartney's "We all stand together", otherwise known as the frog song,[...]
What does watching a reality show say about you?
Yep – it’s Reality Show Time! The Apprentice, Pop Idol, The X Factor, I’m a Celebrity…, Project Catwalk, Katie &[...]
Order! Got a new job!
I hear the Speaker's job is up for grabs in the House of Commons. Wish me luck!  
Play word association football when revising for exams
Old habits die hard, but here's something new for you: play word association football when revising for exams! You know that lovely[...]
Who are you this week?
It might seem like a strange question, except that who we are - changes over time. Not a lot of[...]
Reading University’s world record attempt
I was looking forward to being part of Reading University's world record attempt today, celebrating academic achievement, coincidentally during Brain Awareness[...]
Love and marriage, love and marriage, go together like…
Whoaa! Steady! Don’t go putting the cart before the horse! Because like it or not, we’re all in relationships. Of[...]
Who likes a good moan?
We all like a good moan now and again, don’t we? We do like a good moan, don't we? Well,[...]
I just don’t get it
You know that moment when you simply 'don't get it'? Well I don't!! Get it, that is... You tell me[...]
Fixed mindset -v- growth mindset
Are you fixed? Why do toddlers happily fail to walk, and when they fall over, simply get up and have[...]
The secret of speedy studying
Want to know the secret of speedy studying? Yeah, me too! Only kidding! What do we already know about studying?[...]
Inny or Outy?
Which way's your attention facing? Inny or Outy? We’re social animals and are hard-wired to be with, and to relate[...]
Decisions, decisions: How to make a good decision
While we're on the subject of making decisions, my good friend, and Informal Learning expert, Paul Matthews wrote about this story in[...]
How to develop the skills of the most successful people
Oh dearie me! The fear of the unknown. Cor lummy! Uncertainty. We don’t like it, do we? That’s the only[...]
Heavens above!
Heavens above: It's all in the stars this week! Q: What's a more reliable predictor of living a long and[...]
Are you brave enough to stand up and be counted?
What would you do? Would you be brave enough to stand up and be counted, to support the underdog? Let's not[...]
4 easy things to improve your memory by 10%
Don’t you just love it when science comes right out and verifies what we already know! According to research (and to[...]
You can be glad about that
Those of us of ‘a certain age’ might recall seeing ‘Pollyanna’ on TV many moons ago. Based on the bestselling[...]
River and Rowing Museum – Ha ha ha ha!
(That's me, laughing!) Before I tell you why, I just want to preface this with the following disclaimer: (!) We[...]
There’s nothing like a good chuckle at Xmas…
And this is nothing like a good chuckle... I expect you've got better things to do during the run-up to[...]
The problem with the yoof of today
Cor, lummy, I don't half feel old when I start talking about the younger generation! Yes, yes. There's a good[...]
How to remember stuff
When you’ve worked hard to get information in your head, it makes sense to do what it takes to keep[...]
Ketogenic diet cures epilepsy
I’m a fat-head! Are you? You’d better hope so, since our brains are 60% fat! When I was at school,[...]
The wise man built his house upon the rock…
Foundations! When planning the build of our house beside the river, a few years ago, I would look at the[...]
How to get laser-sharp mental focus
No, it's not just you, many of us are sleeping less and less these days. It seems to be a[...]
Increase your ability to delay gratification
So what can you do to increase your ability to delay gratification? And why would you want to? Perhaps because[...]
Stanford marshmallow experiments
  You are probably aware of the Stanford marshmallow experiments with four-year-olds in the 1960-70s, studying the tricky subject of[...]
How keeping going keeps you going
... towards your goal. And what it costs to get you there... I think we've inadvertently done our kids a disservice.[...]
Intelligence is a moveable feast!
Apparently, Intelligence is a moveable feast! - Well! Who knew! I am a great fan of Annie Murphy Paul and[...]
BLAST from the past!
Enjoy all over again, this blast from the past: Anneka Rice's reaction to a Harrier Jump Jet just suddenly appearing[...]
Guess who’s coming to dinner? Boris Johnson, that’s who!
Do you by any chance remember the interview given by the leader of one of the RAF Black Buck missions[...]
Are you well-connected?
I expect you know that your brain is divided into two hemispheres: left and right. It was once thought that[...]
Two easy things to improve your revision
It's useful to know there are two easy things to improve your revision, because in revision sessions, just as in[...]
Speaking a second language – as a first priority
I don't know about you, but speaking a second language seems like a plan! I'm extremely grateful to be a[...]
Informal Learning
Years ago, at a networking event, run by Refer On and John Welburn, I connected with Dexter Moscow, who helped[...]
Music to your ears?
Are you one of those people who says that music moves you? Well, this bloke in Vancouver was moved all[...]
Music to my ears!
Thank you and a request... Wow! Thank you! More and more, I'm getting a lot of lovely things said to[...]
Music, your brain and exercise
Apparently, some people have known since 1911 that cyclists pedal faster when listening to music. An American researcher, Leonard Ayres,[...]
Connecting the dots
“You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that[...]
Don’t go changing
Crossed off something I've had on my bucket list for a long while, and spent the weekend with Paul McKenna[...]
Don’t you go changing!
OMG TESLA! OK! So now I'm going to sound like an advert for the new Tesla electric car. I'm not[...]
No laughing matter – you havin’ a larff?
 You havin' a larff? It may be no laughing matter, but we all enjoy a good cackle, especially if we're[...]
How do you measure up?
How can you tell if you really know your stuff for the exam? Well, you’ve got to test yourself, obviously.[...]
How to improve your working memory in less than a minute
Anyone ever informed you that you're not as daft as you think you are? Ever had that little voice in[...]
Whale Communication
Whale just having fun, or warning them to keep away? Whale meet again...'Help' and 'Thanks' in Whale And talking[...]
Heard of the Matthew Effect?
An expression coined in 1968, by psychologist, Robert Merton, it refers to the tendency for early advantage to augment over[...]
Study Skills And Motivation Count More Than IQ
It’s official! Study Skills And Motivation Matter More Than IQ to a person’s ability to learn. Educational programs focusing on[...]
Channel 4 documentary I had a 'phone call from a documentary producer, needing an expert on board a pilot (On[...]
Lining up the ducks…
It's all finally coming together, at last! This week has been somewhat eventful!! Channel 4 documentary I had a 'phone[...]
What’s sticky and won’t let go?
I had a ‘phone call this week from someone who’d bought Pass Exams Easily – a Book and DVD set[...]
A long forgotten technique for remembering stuff
A lot of people are so focused on getting the information into their heads, they don’t pay enough attention to[...]
Giving it the swerve!
Having to swerve and brake violently to avoid running over my second snake when cycling by the river, I was curious[...]
Bloom’s Taxonomy and how it helps us learn
In 1956, a group of educational psychologists, headed by Benjamin Bloom, classified the various levels of intellectual behaviour observed when[...]
How to make learning a healthy obsession
In one ear and out the other! Ever noticed you have selective hearing for the stuff you're interested in while[...]
How the internet is changing how we learn
When was the last time you enjoyed reading a book? Yes! I said ‘book’, not online article! And, all the[...]
Sleep learning
The idea of sleep learning probably began in 1951 when a couple of researchers at the University of Washington DC[...]
Narcissism or high self-esteem
Narcissism or high self-esteem? You’re so vain, You probably think this song is about you. Don't you? Don't you? Oh[...]
How to wreck a marriage
Do you know how to wreck a marriage? If we're not aware of how we do it, it's only too[...]
Rosemary for a better memory
You really can sniff rosemary for a better memory. Seems Shakespeare was on to something: “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance.”And[...]
8 facts about memory
1. Forgetting helps you learn! How? Well just imagine if you never forgot anything. How on earth would you sort[...]
Long-term memory, short-sighted strategy!
I’m often asked what’s the difference between long-term and short-term memory, but I’m buggered if I can remember! Ha ha![...]
Doodling makes learning a doddle!
Which are you - a doodle or a doodler? One description isn’t flattering: A ‘doodle’, as in Yankee doodle, is[...]
How to make good decisions
Do you know how to make good decisions? Do you know how to make good decisions in the moment? Especially[...]
Choose... And kill off all other options As with all the other 'cide's', it's from the Latin root, caedere "to cut, to kill", Suicide...[...]
Making your notes memorable
There are many ways of making your note memorable. Here are some of them. Stand out from the crowd At[...]
Thanks Mum and Dad – Emotional Intelligence at its best
Emotional Intelligence - That moment when YOU decide what happens next... In a week when Michelle Obama was in the[...]
Genius thinking
I say, I say, I say... What do you do when you can't hear the actors on stage? Genius, or[...]
Don’t you dare…
  …believe anyone who tells you, “You can’t”! It’s just their fear speaking. It’s their stuff.  “Whether you think you[...]
Set to forget
Have you noticed that you frequently forget what you revised only a few days ago, even though you were sure[...]
Is yours fear or phobia?
Talking of the mysterious workings of the mind, which have you got? Fear or phobia? Do you care either way?[...]
Forgot? No problem!
Rethinking how memory works... Its job is to make sense of the world and keep you safe. It's not bothered[...]
Relationship wrecker #1
Relationship wrecker #1. It's an easy and obvious trap to fall into. Ever been absolutely sure of something, only to[...]
Do we really have different learning styles?
There’s a fair amount of controversy in education around whether or not we each have our own, distinct learning style.[...]
Learning by Doing
Some people learn best by doing. If you’re one of those people, you can do worse than to link things[...]
Eee bah gum! You’ve got earworms!
Don’t panic! Earworms are those ever so catchy, and increasingly annoying songs you can’t get out of your head. Sometimes[...]
Genius Material is the Missing Link!
Genius Material: "Really important missing link to help students change exam failure into success." Brian Hipkin, Dean of Students, Regents University[...]
Put your mind to it – especially the first 20 hours
Put your mind to it by concentrating on the first 20 hours. You might be surprised by your expertise in[...]
Stress and Anxiety
What are Stress and Anxiety? Stress is the word we use to describe the arousal of the autonomic nervous system.[...]
Making a stand
  Those of you who've read my newsletter about it might ask your spine, lungs, kidneys, liver, brain and circulation why[...]
We’re a Grand Designs Landmark!
The TV People! They're here! Wey hey! We're a Grand Designs Landmark! Top secret, hush hush. Gotta wait until the[...]
And what a week, for revelations!
I can’t help it. It’s in my genes! An international consortium of scientists have apparently found 60 genetic locations that[...]
This week’s news is so ‘last week’!
Happy heart-health! When will the authorities (whoever they are!) withdraw its longstanding warnings about cholesterol? Recently, it’s been decided that perhaps[...]
Seven plus or minus two
It was reckoned by psychologist George Miller in 1956, that depending on circumstances, we can only pay attention to roughly[...]
Planning on setting a goal? Forget it!
"Forget it? Why's that?" I hear you ask. Because, usually we decide what we want to achieve and then set[...]
Overcoming Overload
If it feels like you're peddling twice as hard to stay in the same place these days, it's probably because[...]
Theresa May and George Clooney
Hmmmm... interesting! If you found yourself sitting on a settee, in Roux at Parliament Square, with the UK's Home Secretary,[...]
Sleeping on the job!
How to improve your performance No, not that performance! That's maybe a conversation for another time!! But at work, how's[...]
ICANN and I will!
Goodness only knows, I do my best to manage all the technical aspects of running a business and maintaining a[...]
RIP digital products?
At the beginning of 2015, new VAT regulations came into force in Europe, which I thought I would mention because[...]
T’is the season to be… jolly miffed!
Aaaargh! Feel like going postal! What a revenue generator the new(ish) postage rates are turning out to be. I imagine[...]
What makes you stronger when you break it?
A bad habit! Ever wondered why, despite your best efforts, you just can’t rid yourself of the habits you want[...]
Keep calm and carry on revising!
How annoying is it when people tell you to keep calm and carry on revising? Possibly not at all, if[...]
How to make a smart mouse
Frankenstein would have had a chuckle. Scientists at Rochester University have implanted Human glial cells into mouse brains. I kid[...]
‘Tis the season to be jolly!
If it's the season to be jolly, what are you waiting for? Looking forward to Xmas? Or are you already[...]
Google Glasses for X-Ray Vision?
Smarter technology, smarter Humans? Hey! You know me! I love systems and processes and efficiency. I love having the technology[...]
What do 2 yellow chairs, a comic book and an oil spill have in common?
Don't you just love Genius Thinking? So what do two yellow chairs, a comic book and an oil spill have[...]
No such thing as a bad memory
I bet you have a high expectation of your car starting when you turn the key in the ignition! And[...]
Fermented Food Headlines
Look at some of the many article headlines in the New Scientist over the last few months. Bacterial therapy is[...]
What is fermented food?
Ever asked the question, "What is fermented food?" Numerous cultures around the world have been fermenting food, it seems, forever![...]
What did fermented food ever do for us?
It restores gut health Because the gut is the largest part of our immune system, when bad bacteria are defeated[...]
Fermented Food? Yuck! What’s that!
One of the things that's mentioned, in the brilliant film, Origins, is the massive benefit of fermented food to your brain[...]
Lest we forget – why I’ll remember the poppies
Why I'll remember the poppies As you know, I help a lot of people learn how to learn - that's[...]
Grand Designs & Genius Material
 Is your child struggling at school? Before I talk about 'the kids of today' I want to mention that we[...]
More Genius Material?
 Photomath Smart Camera Cheating or Genius idea? Judge for yourself Mathematical 'aha' moments Genius use of modern technology
Are you sitting comfortably?
I hope not! It'll be the death of you! Oh dear - something else we're doing all wrong... Do you[...]
Multitasking – The new brain disease?
  Are you sure you want to multitask? While it may sound like a good idea to get several things[...]
Are you addicted to multitasking?
It’s reckoned that within the last few decades, we’ve had to get used to dealing with four times more going[...]
The UK’s First Amphibious House
For those of you interested in this sort of thing, our friends Andy and Nicki Bruce are going to be[...]
Distracted pilots
Distracted pilots deliver their passengers an hour late. I expect they just wanted to finish off what they were doing[...]
Are you a gorilla short of a faculty?
How many brain cells do think you have? There was a time when it was believed that we have something[...]
What am I doing up here?
Ever got to where you're going, only to wonder what you're doing there? It happens to all of us! And[...]
This Might Be The One!
Grateful to have known this genius... Returning from holiday, I was so shocked and saddened to hear of the death[...]
Testing, testing
When you’ve sweated buckets of effort on absorbing information, you need to make sure all that hard work is worthwhile.[...]
Character traits of good learners
You need all of the following traits to be a good learner. Consistency and determination have you repeat experiences, over[...]
Scotland – Prodigal Son?
I'm relieved about the outcome of the vote. How about you? You might have enjoyed the little border control prank[...]
Memories are made of this
Oh dear! My suspicions are confirmed... A study from Fairfield University, Connecticut, has shown that taking photographs prevents us making[...]
Study Technique – Mapping
As you know, I’m a great fan of efficiency and expediency, especially when it comes to fitting your Financial Services[...]
Creativity is a muscle
If you were wondering…(and I know some of you worry about this sort of thing!) ... how great musicians improvise[...]
Congratulations all round?
Many congratulations to the 352,590 students who discovered this week that they've got the 'A' Level exam grades they need[...]
Get out of Jail
Corrie fans will appreciate the frustration and heartache, of the currently incarcerated, Peter Barlow, portrayed by actor Chris Gascoyne. This[...]
How organised and methodical are you?
How organised and methodical are you in your revision? Do you know what topics you’ve already learnt and what topics you[...]
To be or not to be? The Language of Motivation
To be or not to be? To have and to hold. We say, "I am". The French say, "I have". Which[...]
Which music heals wounds?
Do NOT do this to me! Music is good for the heart, or so an experiment on mice would seem[...]
The Chimp Paradox – Managing the Chimp
As you know, in “The Chimp Paradox”. Dr Steve Peters calls the emotional brain, the part that tells us how[...]
The Chimp Paradox
The brain is a complex animal! As I describe in my Automatic Weight Loss online Training, for all our sophisticated[...]
Mental Note…
You've heard me say a number of times, it's no good expecting the material you need to learn to enter[...]
I must go to the gym…
It would be nice to think that we had the time, energy and inclination to enjoy rigorous exercise every day[...]
You must be joking! How does your brain work?
Sarcasm – the lowest form of wit. Or is it? Recent research tells us that it takes more brainpower and[...]
It’s so funny – how we don’t talk any more
So I get on my train, grateful for a seat at rush hour out of London, and can't help noticing[...]
Go with the flow
Last Thursday we went to Douai Abbey for the Eric Whitacre concert. Wow! The acoustics were perfect for their style[...]
How to Learn Formulae
  We’re going to see how you can play around with equations in such a way that you remember them[...]
How to send your brain to sleep
Did you know that most people do one of two things when it comes to revision – even though neither[...]
Three things you can do for better revision
1. Chunk! We tend to remember information, without making any extra effort, if it is presented in small chunks. Think[...]
Using a pedometer
Streuth! That was quick! Ordered online on Sunday - delivered on Tuesday! Er... so no excuse not to get on[...]
Perhaps you already know that we should be moving more, and that our sedentary lifestyle is playing havoc with our[...]
Rebounding – the Perfect Exercise for your brain?
Well - NASA think so! After extensive research they concluded that bouncing is more effective and efficient than jogging. And[...]
Emotional Flooding!
Many of us, living in the Thames Valley, and on other low-lying land in the UK are experiencing the most[...]
Our Grand Designs: The Trouble With Neighbours
Many of you are aware that we’ve been building a new house and that it was covered by Channel 4’s[...]
How to eliminate exam nerves
When you've invested so much time, effort and money, revising for your exam, and you feel under pressure, it can[...]
Memory Techniques: The Journey Method
One of the many tricks world memory champions use to learn and easily recall information is a particular memory technique[...]
Better Sleep Video
You are in the right place to watch the Automatic Weight Loss, Better Sleep Hygiene video. You'll notice that it[...]
Advanced Thinking Workshop
Watch this introduction to Emotionally Intelligent Communication and find out what it can do for you. If you know[...]
Do what I mean, not what I say!
So there I am, a newbie,  surrounded by old hands in the Green Room of the Kenton Theatre, Henley-on-Thames. My[...]
A Matter of Interpretation
Well, It's a matter of interpretation, isn't it? there was a particular and exciting stretch of a few months, a little[...]
7 Tips for successful revision
1. Spend enough time with the information for your brain to make a pattern of it. 2. Make your notes[...]
Lined paper or plain for visual advantage?
Why would I suggest you use plain paper instead of lined to write your revision notes? The problem with lined[...]
Meditation for Longer Life
So, we've known for a long time that meditation is good for us, but now science is catching up and[...]
How would you have fared in Bruce Forsyth’s Generation Game?
You do remember the Generation Game, don’t you? Started in the early ‘70s… and as kids we loved it, especially[...]
Using iPads in Schools
Knowing how hard it is for schools to make their budgets go far enough, and knowing how expensive iPads are,[...]
Exercise to boost brain power
Exercise boosts memory and cognitive performance - so says new research. 10-40 minute bursts of activity immediately boosts concentration and focus - probably[...]
What Goes On In The “Urban Brain”
Does what goes on in your brain change according to your environment? Panos Mavros, Jenny Roe, Peter Aspinall and Richard[...]
MindMaps – some ideas
Do you already use MindMaps or have you been meaning to find out more about them - how to make[...]
Uber Cyber Freaks – Technology -v- The Real Thing
Have you noticed how some people seem to be physically attached to their mobile ‘phones? I mean – you can’t[...]
Under Cover – sleep positions
OK! So sleep's important for our mental health, immune system, for maintaining a healthy weight, for consolidating new information when we're learning... There[...]
When is an exam deadline, not a deadline?
When it's a Financial Services Exam! Talk about side-stepping! Having been told, 'pass your exams by the end of 2012[...]
From Neurons to Networks
Every time you talk to a child, they create new connections in their brain. How does technology impact the brain?[...]
Virtual reality for faster stroke recovery
Rather than waiting for weekly therapy sessions with the rehabilitation specialist, now, thanks to Tej Tadi in Lausanne, Switzerland, stroke[...]
Epilepsy’s Big Fat Answer – What? No drugs?
There's an article on the Dana Foundation blog called, Epilepsy’s Big Fat Answer" and it would seem we've come a[...]
How can homing pigeons help restore our sense of direction?
A close friend of mine used to race homing pigeons. He tells me that most of them, most of the[...]
What’s up with this Rafa Benitez thing?
What's up with this Rafa Benitez thing? Apparently there is going to be extra security at the Chelsea match against[...]
More about good brain food
More news about good brain food... Fault Lines - Fast food, Fat profits: Obesity in America Obesity in America has[...]
Overcome insomnia to avoid bad health and memory
Oh dearie me! Yet more bad news for people who have difficulty sleeping. The latest, from Loughborough University's sleep research[...]
Brain circuitry & PTSD
Finally, it seems, there are some indications that people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, invalided out of the military, are[...]
Better sleep, better relationships
It seems, the more we discover about the function of sleep, the more we realise the benefits of good quality[...]
Best brain food and my beef about the horse meat scandal
When there's so much information, and indeed, misinformation - and sometimes deliberate misinformation, perpetuated by marketing companies paid to sell[...]
Thinking –v- Believing
The more we think, the less we believe! Well, in God anyway… Apparently, we humans use two separate cognitive systems[...]
Second Language – First Priority
What's the best way to protect your brain against age-related memory loss? When the research digs down, it turns out[...]
How to get 10% more in your exam, without trying
We all know by now at the most important thing about studying, is going back to the information you've learnt[...]
What’s the best study method?
We all have our favourite, of course. And what works for us, is what's best for us. But how do[...]
Autism reversed?
The brains of autistic children usually show more excitement for inanimate objects than for their mother's face. But in the[...]
Are you feeling sleepy?
Bui Ha Duc and Xiaoping Li of the National University of Singapore, have been studying the physiological changes in the[...]
Little children, sweetly sleep…
Little children do indeed sleep sweetly. In fact, according to Gareth Gaskell at the University of York and Anna Weighall,[...]
Sticks and Stones…
You remember the old saying: Sticks and stones will break my bones, but calling names won't hurt me. While now[...]
B12 Bummer!
It's official! Older people only need to be mildly deficient in vitamin B12, to be likely to experience cognitive decline,[...]
United we stand, divided we… do even better!
If the Bible is to be believed, God, angry at people building the Tower Of Babel in order to reach[...]
Taking the piss… and turning it into brain cells!
No I’m not! Taking the piss, that is. But that's exactly what some scientists are doing! Instead of using embryonic[...]
Does eating less make you brainier?
According to recent research, certain sorts of food fasting, mildly stresses the brain and encourages extra activity. I guess that[...]
Are you too old to learn?
I've bet you've used that excuse before! They say, don't they, you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I[...]
How to become 15% smarter
It is reckoned that we can only hold roughly 7 or fewer ideas in our head at any one time.[...]
Now or later? Delayed gratification
What would you have done, at the age of 8, if somebody had put a tasty biscuit in front of[...]
Stimulating! How far would you go to improve your study skills?
Thousands of years ago, one therapy often used to reduce symptoms of arthritis and other pain, involved sitting in a[...]
What’s the easiest way to remember more?
Simple! Pay attention to what time you study. Loads of experiments have shown that by simply taking a quick nap[...]
What to do when your revision isn’t working
If you feel your CISCO Accreditation revision strategy has room for improvement and you’re tired of wasting your time doing[...]
Biggest revision mistakes – Not using Genius Material
People who pass Project Management exams, financial exams and other professional exams have a revision strategy that works for them.[...]
Reading and re-reading your course manual
I’m horrified to hear that some trainers and teachers suggest that to revise for exams, you read and re-read your[...]
Biggest revision mistakes: Bad ‘tude, dude!
I received a phone call recently from an A-level student panicking that she only had two weeks before her first[...]
Biggest revision mistakes: Junk food, Junk mind…
Ask me what I think of organic food and you might get the full 10 minute tirade! I am absolutely[...]
Biggest revision mistakes: Stress
You can’t think straight when you’re stressed and anxious. You’re not supposed to think straight when you’re stressed and anxious![...]
Biggest revision mistakes: Couch potato!
A couple of million years ago, as the rain forests shrank and the food supply collapsed with it, early man[...]
Biggest revision mistakes – Drink heavily!
I expect you know how important water is to our bodies. But I wonder if you know just how important[...]
Biggest revision mistakes – Spotless house!
Another name for discovering a part of the house that urgently needs cleaning just when you had planned to knuckle[...]
Biggest revision mistakes – Save the environment
How does an untidy, disorganised environment make you feel? Is it conducive to concentration and clarity? No, of course it[...]
Biggest revision mistakes – Marathons
Ever found yourself falling asleep during long study sessions? Human beings have evolved with short attention spans! That won’t come[...]
Biggest revision mistakes – Don’t waste paper
Those of us who have been brought up by parents who experienced the austerity during and after World War II,[...]
Biggest Mistakes – Looking for a short cut to the Project Management exams
A while ago I had a telephone call from someone enquiring about MindMaps. He had heard that MindMaps were useful[...]
Biggest Mistakes – Leaving it all until the 11th hour
One day I had an anxious person on the ‘phone telling me their ITIL exam was next Tuesday and they[...]
Biggest revision mistakes – Copying every word
A hundred years ago, when I was revising for my A-levels, I remember tackling my biology for the first time.[...]
Biggest revision mistakes – If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!
Just think about it for a moment. How does anything get done? I mean, of all the things that you[...]
Biggest Mistakes – Umpteen re-sits
You might be very surprised by the number of ‘phone calls I get from Financial Advisers who tell me they’ve[...]
Biggest revision mistakes – Using lined paper
Lined paper encourages you to write in a linear fashion from left to right, starting at the beginning of the[...]
Biggest revision mistakes: Negative thinking
A while back, I delivered a Genius Material study skills presentation in a particular company, that had several employees taking[...]
Biggest Mistakes when revising for Chartered exams
Would it surprise you to know that there is only one difference between people who pass exams, such as Chartered[...]
Why we forget
Your brain automatically tends to let go of older information in favour of more recent information. On top of that[...]
Get the picture?
There are as many ways of making revision notes as there are people making revision notes! The trick, as I've[...]
Don’t do this when studying for Financial Services Exams
A while ago, someone told me that he had his next exam the following Tuesday and that he hadn't started[...]
What Equipment do you Need for Financial Services Exams?
Please don't use a gorgeous, brand spanking new exercise book for your Financial Services revision notes, because you’ll be concentrating[...]
Story Boarding for Financial Services Revision
Storyboards are great for Financial Services revision. They work well for everyone, but are more time-consuming than some other methods[...]
RO4 exams and stress
Balancing a busy professional life with a home and family life is quite enough for a person to handle, but[...]
Stress and the RO4 exams
Do you already know just how difficult it is to concentrate on your R04 exam revision when you’re feeling stressed?[...]
Best Brain Food for RO4 Exams
As you can guess from the picture here, weʼre going to be talking about food. More specifically, about food thatʼs[...]
Stressed over the Advanced Diploma exams?
If you're feeling stressed over your Advanced Diploma exam, you're hardly likely to be studying efficiently. So the sooner you[...]
Improve your mood, improve your Level 4 Diploma RO grades
So here’s the last exercise, I promised you, following on from last week's mindset exercise, that will help you use[...]
What to do about Level 4 RO exams and stress
Level 4 RO exams and stress causing you problems? What is it about exams and stress? Maybe it's time to[...]
Stress impacts on RO2 revision
If you’re taking RO2 exams, you've just got to do something about stress if stress is a feature in your[...]
RO2 and your changing brain
As we get older, there are no two ways about it, our brains change. Most people are aware of an[...]
Learn effectively and pass exams first time!
In this workshop Lysette Offley will show you: The process of learning and remembering information How to make ‘brain friendly’[...]
Pay attention if you want Chartered exam success!
Anything that goes into your brain is likely to disappear again unless you pay attention to it in such a[...]
What to study for the Advanced Diploma exam
Knowing what to study and how to study for your Advanced Diploma exam when faced with a gargantuan course manual[...]
Little head, big brains!
What do you do if your head ain't big enough for your brains? Answer: stuff it down your trousers! Well,[...]
One of the Best Memory Improvement Strategies
It’s official! Moving your body is one of the best memory improvement strategies. Manuela Macedonia and Thomas Knosche at the[...]
How to Pass Exams Easily by Doing Less Work
Plenty going on this year, with RDR requirements due to be met by the end of 2012. You'll be glad[...]
How to revise the RO3 Tax exam
RO3 Tax and Study Skills one day session A snip at £50 + VAT 23rd January 2012 9:00 AM –[...]
How to revise for the RO3 Personal Taxation exam
A must if you're taking the RO3 Personal Taxation exam this year, it's only £50 + VAT) 23rd January 2012[...]
How to organise yourself to get better grades
It's important to manage your revision carefully. Make sure you're well organised, that you have everything that you need. Record[...]
Chunk, drink and move for better memory
Human beings naturally tend to remember information at the beginning and the end of chunks. It's the bit in the[...]
Keep tabs on your progress and you’ll remember more
You need to keep tabs on all the chunks of information that you're revising. You'll need to know where you[...]
How do antioxidants improve memory?
Exercise may be good for you, but all that hard work and strain on your body creates free radicals -[...]
Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences
Howard Gardner created the Theory of Multiple Intelligences in 1983 to describe the different aspects of the cognitive abilities of[...]
Some essential things you need to know about revising effectively
Remember, there are 3 things to pay attention to - if you want to remember something. The 1st key is[...]
What sort of revision notes should you make?
We all process, store and retrieve information differently. And we all need to find the best way to revise for[...]
How to combat exam nerves
It’s understandable and perfectly natural to experience some anxiety about exams, and unpleasant as it feels, it can serve as[...]
How Genius Material helps you learn easily
We’re all different. We all process information differently. No two people store information in their brain exactly the same. And[...]
Practice makes perfect – how to get better grades
How good is your memory? Do you retain everything that you've revised? Or do you find that over time the[...]
What is it about exercise that helps you to improve your memory?
What’s going on when you use your muscles and how can that possibly improve your memory and help you to[...]
Where’s the evidence that exercise will improve your memory?
That’s a good question, and indeed there is ample evidence to demonstrate how you can improve your memory through exercise.[...]
Exercise will improve your health and improve your memory too!
Aerobic exercise cuts down your chances of getting age-related dementia by 50%. It cuts your risk of Alzheimer's by a[...]
Exercise will improve your memory!
You're probably aware that exercise is good for you! You're probably also aware that exercise is good for your brain[...]
Good study skills change the structure of your brain
If the brains of taxi drivers actually change structure when they train themselves to get about the complex system of[...]
Think your way to better grades
Thinking positively and believing in yourself will help to counteract the fear you might feel when confronted with that oh[...]
Stay hydrated for better memory
When you’re putting a lot of effort into revising and want to do yourself justice in the exams, surely it[...]
Never mind study skills – are you mentally prepared for better grades in your exams?
The trouble with focusing on study skills is that very often we neglect the other areas that all contribute to[...]
Sleeping and eating are study skills too!
When you're studying hard and paying good attention to the 3 Keys to Learning, making sure that your revision strategy[...]
Cognitive enhancement drugs for a better memory?
It seems that the pharmaceutical industry is riding on the crest of a new wave of drugs promising to improve[...]
The lazy way to better grades
It's early days, but it just might be that sleeping late in the morning is the ideal way to get[...]
Get better grades by paying attention
Cast your mind back to the last time that you were introduced to somebody whose name you realised immediately afterwards[...]
Use it or lose it – how to get better grades in your Diploma in Financial Planning
What do nuns at the convent of the School Sisters of Notre Dame in on Good Counsel Hill in Mankato[...]
Repetition for a better memory for your Certificate in Financial Planning
Many of us worry when we forget something seemingly important. We berate ourselves and imagine an intolerable future in which[...]
Eat well for a better memory in regulated diploma exams
Did you know, your brain is easily the greediest organ in your body and even though it’s only 2% of[...]
Exercise for a better memory in CII exams
For those of you looking to improve your memory for CII exams, but who baulk at the idea of exercise,[...]
Improve your study skills with mnemonics for financial planning exams
How do world memory champions remember the names of 600 people filing past them, or the order of cards in[...]
More sleep, better memory
Going short on sleep does you no favours whatsoever. Planning, problem-solving, learning, concentration, working memory and alertness all suffer. IQ[...]
Who have the most reliable memories – children or adults?
Well the answer may surprise you. It turns out that as we get older we become more influenced by our[...]
Is cramming the best way to study?
Well, it’s certainly one way, but is it the best way? Pros It doesn't take as long. It feels like[...]
How to get good exam results
What might be in the way of your getting the best exam results possible for you? Motivation - Are you[...]
Techniques for improved memory
Some people say that ignorance is bliss! But it's not! It's very painful! If you've ever said to yourself: If[...]
Chew Gum to get Better Grades!
Evidence has arrived from the University of Northumbria in Newcastle that people who chew gum throughout tests of both long-term[...]
Best Time for Study Success
So! When is the best time for study success? The simple answer is - whatever works for you. We know[...]
Eat Less – Remember More!
Eat Less – Remember More! You’ve probably heard that a restricted-calorie diet for mice makes them live longer. Some people[...]
Get better grades
Do you get better grades by using an effective revision strategy, or are you one of those people who doesn't[...]
How to ace your exams by spending less time revising
Yes! You heard that right! Spend less time revising and go into the exam feeling confident that you’ll pass comfortably.[...]
Do you send your brain to sleep?
Did you know, most people when they revise, make one of two mistakes. Either they do what I used to[...]
Panic stations
Ever find yourself so snowed under that you just don't know where to start? What is your strategy for getting[...]
Snails take power naps too!
Are power naps good for snails and other animals too? Great pond snails sleep for 10% of their life. You[...]
What state are you in?
How does what state you're in relate to state-dependent learning? On the subject of state-dependent learning, in other words, being in[...]
Sleeping for success – memory consolidation
. Sounds good, doesn’t it! Wouldn’t it be great if, instead of slogging away at your revision, napping was the[...]
I can do it, so why can’t he?
My lovely husband has a fantastic auditory memory so he easily remembers what he hears. That explains the continual stream[...]

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