What’s the best way to protect your brain against age-related memory loss? When the research digs down, it turns out ...

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Second Language – First Priority

Having to swerve and brake violently to avoid running over my second snake when cycling by the river, I was curious ...

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Giving it the swerve!

Especially these days, when we are so dependent on our trusty computers both for finding information and also for filing ...

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Why you should ditch the computer and make study notes by hand

Failed yet another exam?If you are a Financial Adviser, Lawyer or Accountant disappointed by another exam failure, don't book another ...

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Biggest Mistakes – Umpteen re-sits

Old habits die hard, but here’s something new for you: play word association football when revising for exams! You know that lovely ...

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Play word association football when revising for exams

I’m often asked how I can help people pass their Diploma and Chartered Finance and Insurance exams, and usually by ...

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How to be a better learner

See this clever infographic to discover why penmanship beats computers hands down! ...

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Pen is mightier than keyboard

A while back, I delivered a Genius Material study skills presentation in a particular company, that had several employees taking ...

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Biggest revision mistakes: Negative thinking

Many Financial Advisers feel stressed and overworked. If that sounds like you, you'll probably be able to relate to my ...

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The Lobster Effect

You’d hardly think we’d need instruction on how to talk to strangers, would you? Or would you? After all, haven’t ...

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How to talk to strangers

“I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest ...

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I love being married

Talking of memory loss, you know there are three signs of old age… The first is memory loss. And I ...

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Memory loss and memory growth

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Known as The Head Fixer, Lysette Offley is a Memory & Mindset Coach to people in Financial Services across the globe.

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Pedro Bonillo-Farias is Genius Material

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