The trouble with focusing on study skills is that very often we neglect the other areas that all contribute to ...

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Never mind study skills – are you mentally prepared for better grades in your exams?

Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP) famously asks, “How much happiness can you stand?” How would you answer that? And when ...

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Which tribe do you belong to?

How does an untidy, disorganised environment make you feel? Is it conducive to concentration and clarity? No, of course it ...

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Biggest revision mistakes – Save the environment

It is reckoned that we can only hold roughly 7 or fewer ideas in our head at any one time. ...

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How to become 15% smarter

I expect you know how important water is to our bodies. But I wonder if you know just how important ...

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Biggest revision mistakes – Drink heavily!

I received a phone call recently from an A-level student panicking that she only had two weeks before her first ...

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Biggest revision mistakes: Bad ‘tude, dude!

Do you already know just how difficult it is to concentrate on your R04 exam revision when you’re feeling stressed? ...

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Stress and the RO4 exams

Would it surprise you to know that there is only one difference between people who pass exams, such as Chartered ...

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Biggest Mistakes when revising for Chartered exams

Here’s a hilarious talk by Shawn Achor, psychologist, about positive psychology and what it can do for us.   What does ...

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Positive psychology? Are you sure?

And why you should! If you can’t manage your mind – you can’t manage anything! Or at least, that’s how ...

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How to manage your mind

Well – NASA think so! After extensive research they concluded that bouncing is more effective and efficient than jogging. And ...

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Rebounding – the Perfect Exercise for your brain?

It was reckoned by psychologist George Miller in 1956, that depending on circumstances, we can only pay attention to roughly ...

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Seven plus or minus two

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