No one likes to feel uncomfortable (do they?) so why would you put up with it when you can easily find ...

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How to get rid of anxiety, especially if you’re anxious to do so!

Your 2 minutes could help end poverty in Africa No kidding! I’m temporarily breaking the mould for another week and sending ...

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Your 2 minutes could help end poverty in Africa

Why I’ll remember the poppies As you know, I help a lot of people learn how to learn – that’s ...

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Lest we forget – why I’ll remember the poppies

If the brains of taxi drivers actually change structure when they train themselves to get about the complex system of ...

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Good study skills change the structure of your brain

How to get laser-sharp mental focus from Genius Material No, it's not just you, many of us are sleeping less ...

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How to get laser-sharp mental focus

So I get on my train, grateful for a seat at rush hour out of London, and can’t help noticing ...

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It’s so funny – how we don’t talk any more

Except for those who aren’t! We Human beings have a lot in common, and yet there are so many differences too, ...

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We’re all the same…

Here’s a hilarious talk by Shawn Achor, psychologist, about positive psychology and what it can do for us.   What does ...

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Positive psychology? Are you sure?

Enjoy all over again, this blast from the past: Anneka Rice’s reaction to a Harrier Jump Jet just suddenly appearing ...

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BLAST from the past!

Howard Gardner created the Theory of Multiple Intelligences in 1983 to describe the different aspects of the cognitive abilities of ...

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Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Apparently, some people have known since 1911 that cyclists pedal faster when listening to music. An American researcher, Leonard Ayres, ...

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Music, your brain and exercise

Aaaargh! Feel like going postal! What a revenue generator the new(ish) postage rates are turning out to be. I imagine ...

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T’is the season to be… jolly miffed!

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