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What does cholesterol do to your brain, eggsactly?

So what does cholesterol do to our brains? Your brain is 2-3% of your total body weight – or so it is said… (Hmmm, if I put on weight, would I get brainier?)   🙂 And 25% of your body’s cholesterol is found in your brain. What’s it doing there, [...]

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How to be happy

Wanna know how to be happy? I know, I know… It’s not the first time I’ve posted a link to the Happy song, and with apology to those few who can’t stand listening to it, I hope it does indeed make the rest of us happy. Great video – Watch [...]

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Your 2 minutes could help end poverty in Africa

Your 2 minutes could help end poverty in Africa No kidding! I’m temporarily breaking the mould for another week and sending this same message out a few times – I want to give everyone the best chance of making the huge difference I think we could make between us. So please [...]

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What cost, improving self-esteem?

After Arnie’s ‘paperless classroom’ debacle, resulting in ingenious, entrepreneurial teenage crims hacking the provided iPads in order to sell them on… California gets it wrong again! This time in the name of improving self-esteem. Perhaps they thought those ingenious, entrepreneurial teenage criminals needed a boost of the stuff? The intention [...]

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We all stand together

Years ago, when I was teaching, I arranged Paul McCartney’s “We all stand together”, otherwise known as the frog song, for the school steel band. It was a great song to choose, and it bounced along beautifully. And so did the kids. Do you belong? Did you know that feeling [...]

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Love and marriage, love and marriage, go together like…

Whoaa! Steady! Don’t go putting the cart before the horse! Because like it or not, we’re all in relationships. Of one sort or another… Maybe even fleetingly. With: the cheerful postman your intelligent daughter* gorgeous wife** fabulous sister** that persistent cold-caller those awful neighbours*** the dullard student at the checkout… [...]

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Who likes a good moan?

We all like a good moan now and again, don’t we? We do like a good moan, don’t we? Well, you just might change your mind after this! When I was at school, which of course was a while ago now, we were taught that the brain stops developing and [...]

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I just don’t get it

You know that moment when you simply ‘don’t get it’? Well I don’t!! Get it, that is… You tell me why so many people contacted me last week to ask where their newsletter was? They simply hadn’t received it. The more we looked into it, the more it seemed that [...]

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Inny or Outy?

Which way’s your attention facing? Inny or Outy? We’re social animals and are hard-wired to be with, and to relate to other Human beings. Too bad if you don’t like it! If you’re one of those people who say you don’t need ‘em, the chances are that it’s your defence [...]

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Heavens above!

Heavens above: It’s all in the stars! Q: What’s a more reliable predictor of living a long and healthy life, than your ahem, horror-scope?    A: How strong the muscles in your legs are! Not a lot of people know that! Older folk often come a right cropper when they fall, [...]