Memory & Mindset Podcasts

Talking about the fastest, easiest techniques and strategies to master your memory and mindset and expedite your personal and professional success

Here are some podcasts, where I've been the guest speaker.

Joanne Lockwood's, The Inclusion Bites Podcast

Science confirms, we simply can't learn if we don't feel like we belong

Here we discuss learning and breakthroughs, and how people have to feel safe for that.

Here are some insights, knowledge, experience, skills, strategy to level the playing-field so that *everyone* knows how to:

  1. Pass exams first time, and 
  2. Break through the glass ceiling, especially in male-dominated industries.

David C. Lee's Dreamers, Believers & High Achievers Podcast

How To Optimise Your Learning & Thoughts With The Genius Maker, Lysette Offley   

David: "I was delighted to sit down with ‘The Genius Maker’ Lysette Offley’s for this episode of the podcast.  I just loved our conversation & it really touched on what is the best way that humans learn & how mindset effects every part of out lives. 

Lysette’s work has been described as a game changer and the missing link by leading educationalists and the must have training for people who need leading edge strategies for reaching their next level.  

Hopefully, our chat will make you re-evaluate your thoughts on learning and how crucial mindset really is."

Amy Rollinson's Focus on Why Podcast

We talk about why we do what we do, why I do what I do... what drives me... my mission... and hopefully, during this podcast, we'll have you thinking about why you do what you do too.

"If you understand why your brain is manifesting those thoughts and feelings... If you understand what your Brain is trying to achieve for you and with you by giving you those thoughts and feelings, and you understand what to do with them, it means you can make healthy decisions. You can move forward safely." 

Warren Munson's Evolve to Succeed Podcast

We talk about breaking through self-imposed, mental barriers to success.

In this podcast, we discuss the use of neurolinguistic programming, cognitive behavioural therapy, and both positive and evolutionary psychology, to guide you towards realising your full potential. 

Andrew Bull's Interstellar Business Show

We talk about breaking through self-imposed, mental barriers to success.

In this short extract, we talk about how we tend to underestimate what we're capable of. And, we go on to discuss what it takes to release our Inner Genius.

Jon Baker's Activate Your Introvert Show

We talk about when profiling for introversion might be of value and when it might not.

Your brain is always looking out for you. We're talking about that little voice in your head. We shouldn’t fight it, but know how to listen to it.

To study, consider your personality including how Introvert or extrovert you are.

To run an effective team and get the best out of your people, consider your personality and theirs too.

YOU too, can pass EVERY exam FIRST time by doing LESS work.


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