Genius Zone Profile

Part One

Please rank the following statements in order of how true they are for you.

Do it like this:

1 = Closest to describing you

2 = Next best description

3 = Next best description

4 = Least descriptive of you

(You can only have one 1, one 2, one 3 and one 4 for each of the 11 questions)

1. I most easily communicate what is going on with me by:

The look I give.

The tone of my voice.

The words I choose.

The feelings I share.

2. I find it easiest to follow:

Maps and diagrams.

Written instructions.

Logical information.

Verbal instructions.

3. Usually, I'd rather:

Go to an art gallery.

Go to the ballet/dance/show.

Go to a concert.

Go to whatever makes sense at the time.

4. To remember something I need to:

Set it out logically.

Do it myself.

Picture it in my head.

Hear it out loud.

5. I make important decisions based on:

Gut level feelings.

Which way sounds the best.

What looks best.

Careful review and study of the issues.

6. I love:

Debates and discussions.

Making sense of stuff.

Conducting experiments.

Reading and watching.

7. During an argument, I am most likely to be influenced by:

The other person's tone of voice.

Whether or not I can see the other person's point of view.

The logic of the other person's argument.

How I feel about that person's argument.

8. I enjoy:

Creating something.

Understanding how something works.

Making music.

Drawing, painting.

9. It is easiest for me to:

Find the ideal volume and tuning on a music system.

Select the most intellectually relevant point about an interesting subject.

Select the most comfortable furniture.

Select attractive colour combinations.

10. I prefer:

Magazines, photos, books.

Organising, cataloguing my things.

Music, audio books.

Making models, clothes.

11. Score how true these are of you:

I am very sensitive to the sounds of my surroundings.

I have a strong response to colours and to the way a room looks.

I am very sensitive to the way articles of clothing feel on my body.

I am very good at making sense of new facts and information.

Part Two

(Choose A or B for each question)

1. At a party do you

2. Do you prefer to think about

3. Are you more impressed by

4. Are you drawn more towards a

5. Do you prefer to work

6. Do you tend to choose

7. At parties do you

8. Are you more attracted to

9. Are you more interested in

10. Do you usually turn up

11. In social groups do you

12. In doing ordinary things are you more likely to

13. Are you more comfortable making

14. Do you want things

15. Would you say you are more

16. In 'phoning do you

17. Do you find people with grand ideas and visions

18. Are you more often a

19. Is it worse to be

20. In company do you

21. Are you more

22. Does doing new and different things with others

23. Are you usually

24. Which rules you more?

25. Do you prefer

26. Are you more comfortable

27. Do you

28. Are you more likely to trust your

29. Are you usually more

30. Is it usually preferable to

31. Would you prefer to have

32. Are you drawn more to

33. Which is the bigger mistake...

34. Are you a person who creates and follows

35. Are you more likely to

36. Do you tend to be

Lysette Offley You’ve now completed the Genius Zone Profiling Questionnaire. We’ll be using this information as we go along to make sure you have the right advice and information, so for now you can go make yourself a cuppa and congratulate yourself on a job well done! Go back to previous page to mark complete and to progress to the next lesson.


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