Mindset Mastery – My Approach


When will you change your mind?

Don't believe the people who tell you changing your mind is a long and painful process.

It really doesn't have to be.

You can change your mind in an instant... and I'll show you how.

Who am I and how do I help?

I am a Memory & Mindset Coach, utilising extensive and world-class, training, skills and experience as a teacher and Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist. I am a member of the QCHPA and the CNHC and am bound by their code of ethics.

  • I use a range of techniques supported by evidence of their effectiveness, providing the ultimate in flexibility for my clients’ unique needs.
  • I accommodate the wide range of personalities and learning styles of my clients.
  • I create a safe and supportive environment for my clients to learn and grow.
  • My tailored approach underscores each client’s unique experience of their challenge.
  • I offer my clients a creative and flexible system, drawing from an extensive range of approaches, not limited by labels or fixed protocols.
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), New Code NLP, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR) and many more, complementary approaches, tailored to your needs, ensuring a swift and permanent solution.
I work from the client’s model of the world, not my own, and from the presupposition that:
  • All behaviour has a positive intention, and everyone’s doing the best they can with what they have available in any given moment.
  • All problems are created by the mind’s algorithms… as are solutions, too.
  • Everyone has everything they need to solve their problems.
  • The ultimate purpose of my work is to help my clients develop an internal locus of control.
  • Trance is a normal and frequent experience present in every problem and very often, also in the solution.
Here are some of my trainers
Mindset Mastery Training

I have also trained extensively with The Landmark Forum, and also with Tony Robbins, Christopher Howard, Byron Katie, Bob Proctor, Dr Keith Hearne,  Bill Philips... among many notable and respected leaders in the field of Mindset Mastery.

My philosophy? 

Never stop learning!

"3 years ago I took over the full ownership and running of my family’s 30 year old insurance broking business. I particularly wanted to make it my own and stamp my personality on it.I was already confident in my knowledge and skills as well as my ability to give my clients the highest standard of service. I found, however, that the transition from the old way of doing things to the new way, didn’t just need a change of processes – a change in thinking was also necessary as certain aspects of running the business seemed a daunting prospect.

Thanks to Lysette's coaching I’ve 'felt the fear and done it anyway!', attending networking meetings, giving talks and even appearing in my own videos. Things that many of us find difficult to do. The business is growing and I am on track to reach my goals. I have a Business Coach so it makes perfect sense to have a Mindset Coach as well. Working with Lysette is one of the best investments I’ve made for myself and my business."

Jo Spencer

Jo Spencer, Chartered Insurance Broker

"I [learned, practised and implemented] techniques to propel myself forward as an individual and aid my personal development journey, which in turn, has unlocked barriers in my business. I was tunnel-visioned... and didn't have any awareness of other people's perspectives... I'm certainly more aware now of my actions and reactions... and [this] has led me to making better and better-informed decisions in the business and personally."

Marc Denton, Independent Wealth & Tax Planner at The Wow Company, Investor in H2H business

Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy explained in 3 minutes

"Hi Lysette,

Just wanted to thank you for supporting me at a time I was finding myself feeling frustrated not being able to deal with overbearing people around me, who have been holding me back from moving forward in my career and have a balanced home life. The self-belief and strength I have gained through our sessions has been astonishing. I’ve been amazed how simple the process was for me to discover that I have the strength to move forward. You helped me to be focus on what’s important and helped me identify the changes I wanted to make. People around me have also noticed how much I’ve changed after only 2 sessions with you. I am forever grateful to you for supporting me through this journey.”

Javinder Sehmi, Branch Manager, Santander Bank, Ashford

Javinder Sehmi
QCH Evidence Based Therapy

The Quest Institute Training School’s cutting-edge teaching is based on science, with evidence demonstrating its success.

It is the only hypnotherapy organisation and training school that has evidence-based research specific to our approach and whose research project is listed with NICE.

71% of QCH Clients declared themselves improved compared with only 42% of other Talk Therapy Clients, including CBT, as reported in the Mental Health Review Journal September 2015.

Claire Harper

"Since I came to see Lysette I have been much calmer in my approach/attitude towards my studying, even to the point that I have quite enjoyed it!

I have enjoyed learning and using my brain to make connections and understanding the material.

Colleagues at work and my husband have also commented on how positive I am towards my studies and how calm I have been!

Studying is now no longer a chore but a pleasant journey!"

Claire Harper Dip CII Dip PFS

Independent Financial Planner at ICF Financial Services Ltd, Hull

YOU too, can pass EVERY exam FIRST time by doing LESS work.


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