Fast Track

Tailored Training and Community Support for Your Exam Success

Fast Track offers an enriched learning experience tailored to individual needs.

In addition to the robust training provided in Jump Start, Fast Track includes bespoke training customised to your unique way of processing, storing, and retrieving information.

This programme also fosters a supportive community of like-minded professionals, creating a space for sharing insights and encouragement.

Furthermore, you gain access to a virtual weekly classroom with me, The Genius Maker, your learning expert, where you can refine your study skills and stay on track and motivated.

Fast Track is perfect for those who benefit from personalised guidance and a collaborative learning environment, ensuring you excel in your certification exams.

“Thank you, as I actually passed the RO2 today in Glasgow, what a result! I had taken on board your study tips and they work…. FANTASTIC” 

Tom Coats, Thomson McCallum, Glasgow


“I attended a Genius Material workshop and I’d recommend this system of revision to any other IFAs finding it difficult to learn as we get older.”

Savio Santimano, CHARTERED, Principal, Minerva FMA, London

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