Jump Start

Empower Your Success: Master Study Skills on Your Own Terms

Jump Start is an essential programme designed for professionals who prefer a DIY approach to mastering study skills.

This comprehensive, self-paced course provides all the tools and techniques you need to transform your study habits and achieve certification success.

With detailed instructions and structured content, Jump Start empowers you to take control of your learning journey.

Ideal for those who are self-motivated and disciplined, this programme ensures you are well-equipped to pass your exams on the first attempt with scores of 80% or higher.

“I have been working with the GM for just under a month now and its awesome! I was a fully paid up member of the read… write, re-read… re-write “club” which was a total waste of time. Using the GM program has lifted a huge weight off my mind and I am very positive about passing the next round of CII exams. I’m doing the Advanced Dip. sitting J04,JO5 and AF3 all in the one sitting. Now a Tefal man I ain’t, but the GM prog. has given me huge confidence and I WILL pass this – bring it on! The GM prog all makes so much sense and the colossal amount of work and attention to detail Lysette has gone to is truly outstanding.”

Robert MacDonald, now Chartered Financial Planner, Gourock, Inverclyde

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