You will discover:
  • Why, in the past, you've found it so difficult to remember what you've learned
  • What to do and
  • What not to do to
  • Get information into your brain and
  • Keep it there - until the exam and beyond

In Genius Material - Jump Start, you have everything you need to make exam headaches a thing of the past.



Your own, bespoke, step-by-step process - thoroughly tested and proven by thousands of people, of different ages, from different backgrounds, different levels of experience and ability, different ways of learning and a full range of subjects learnt.

Genius Material is a foolproof, solid process that you can trust and depend on.


Genius Material only uses techniques and procedures, tailored to the way that your brain already excels at handling information, and developed by a teacher and coach and from decades of brain and learning research.

It works!

And it’ll work for you.


No more time wasted. No more frustration and resignation. Instead, ease and freedom to simply get the job done. You'll know what to do. And you'll know what not to do. You’ll have your own, bespoke way of arranging your time and activities that will make you efficient and powerful.

Finally, all your questions answered. All your doubts and fears allayed. Scepticism and cynicism evaporated, as you experience, for the first time what it's like to have the skill and capability to learn anything - in record time. You'll see exams, no longer a threat, but an opportunity to demonstrate your competence.

Mindset breakthroughs

You’ll develop a success mindset, leaving behind any old programming, blocks and excuses. You'll discover instead a whole new framework for thinking about yourself and your mission - unapologetic and unstoppable.


You’ll discover, almost immediately, that success is motivating! Through this process, you’ll learn how to take steps towards achieving your goals and never give up until you reach them.


Can you imagine now, what it will feel like to know you can learn anything, and pass any exam with ease? What will that do for your confidence and self-esteem?

You’ll discover how to harness true confidence and trust your ability to accomplish your goals.


Learning and sitting exams will be the fun it's meant to be! 


Video logo GM


Step-by-step video demonstrations of what to do and what not to do, according to the way your brain will do it easily.

Watch as I show you exactly how to learn the type of information you’re studying.

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Some people learn very well by listening.

Don't worry! We've got you covered too!

For each training video, you can also listen to the audio track.

That means you can be learning on the go - making the best use of otherwise wasted time.

PDF logo GM


Some people learn very well by reading.

Of course, we've thought about you as well!

For each training video, you can also read all about it.

If that's how you like to learn, you've got everything you need.

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Online meeting place to share ideas and challenges, be supported and gain support, both from me and your fellow students.

Learn faster - from each other.

Develop and hone your own efficient processes for learning.


  • You'll spend less time revising.
  • You'll have more time for everything else you want to do.
  • You’ll find it easy to fit your revision in around your other commitments.
  • You'll remember everything you learn.
  • Your pass your exams easily, and first time.
  • You'll get excellent grades.
  • You’ll complete your professional certification in record time.
  • You will feel proud, confident and unstoppable.
  • Other aspiring students will ask themselves how you do it.

Martin Capel-Smith,

St. James’s Place Partnership.

I’ve just heard that I passed my first exam with a distinction! It was hard work, but following Genius Material advice obviously did the trick. I got well-organised and methodical about my revision and I paid attention to the way my brain works, only spending time doing what actually works. I’m really looking forward to the next exam, because I know now how I can do it. Thank you Lysette.”

Martin Capel-Smith, St. James’s Place Partnership.

“I passed my AF2 exam comfortably in October, in no small part because of the structure that the Genius Material system provided. Thanks again; it was my 3rd attempt at this exam and I would have abandoned trying to achieve Chartered status if hadn’t got through. I’m now in a completely different place and have absolute confidence that I can pass exams at Advanced level with the right preparation.”

Arah Perrett, Partnership Development Consultant, St James’s Place

(She achieved her Advanced Level shortly afterwards.)
Arah Perrett St James's Place Partnership

Arah Perrett, St James's Place

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