Transformational Coaching for Successful Entrepreneurs

Velocity 1 to 1 coaching

Is this you?

Already massively successful but there's something missing?

  • Bespoke Mental Rehearsal Resources & Guidance
  • Questions, Tasks, Challenges, Q&A Sessions
  • Accountability and Progress Updates
  • My Guidance, Feedback % Coaching
  • Quit judging, criticising & comparing 
  • Eliminate destructive beliefs
  • Demolish roadblocks & barriers to progress
  • Discover your true purpose & mission
  • Create your roadmap & strategy 
  • Establish true self-esteem & confidence
  • Boost personal strengths & competence
  • Blast through personal & business goals
  • Live your life deliberately & consciously
  • Experience more fun & satisfaction


Writer and presenter, Lysette Offley, is CEO and creator of the transformative Genius Material and Sounds Positive programmes.

Qualified teacher and coach of over 35 years, she has helped hundreds of professionals like you learn the skills and strategies to create the life of their dreams.

Lysette Offley - Mindset & Memory Coach

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