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Don’t bugger up your soufflé! 

By  Lysette Offley

“Not all children have the type of dreamy, social, easy fun time that we all wish for them to have at school. Instead some have a really hard time because they are just a little bit individual. Lysette introduced a number of skills our son was able to use to help ease him through the painful times high school presented to him. He is now on his way to University and enjoying the pleasures and challenges of adult life”

Stephanie Ozanne, Marlow

Don't bugger up your souffle - photo of souffle“Don’t bugger up your soufflé!”

Those of you who’ve been paying attention, will know that I’m a massive fan of the amazing musical genius, Tim Minchin.

In this speech at the University of Western Australia, where he received his honorary doctorate, he offers us nine life-lessons, which he suggests some of which will be inspiring, some maybe boring and definitely all of it forgotten within a week!

Well we know that, don’t we? Science tells us in actual fact, that we forget most of what we’ve only just learnt within…

Can you believe…

10 minutes!

Don't bugger up your souffle - photo of souffleNo wonder we find revising for exams so difficult!

We are never taught how to learn the sort of information that we are taught in the classroom, so despite the fact that ordinarily human beings are such good learners, when it comes to retaining the information we learn at school, college and university, it’s an entirely different kettle of fish!

That is, unless you have a good learning strategy which compensates for our natural skill of forgetting.


Roll on the drums…

Genius Material!

If you or your child need a robust revision strategy that will make more constructive use of education, guarantee better exam grades, and more free time to enjoy doing other things too, then please get in touch to find out how I can help.

Meanwhile, back to Tim Minchin – Australian musician, composer, songwriter, actor, comedian and writer, described by the editor of Time out, Tim Arthur, this way:

“Tim Minchin is a genius, pure and simple. He is to musical comedy what Charles Darwin was to evolution, and what Einstein was to physics and moustaches! You’d be hard-pushed to find a more sublimely talented comedian; handsome, hysterical and divinely musically gifted.”

Hear, hear!

How not to bugger up your soufflé

In a nutshell here are his 9 Life-Lessons:

  1. You don’t have to have a dream. Be micro-ambitious, instead.
  2. Don’t seek happiness. Keep busy and try to make someone else happy.
  3. It’s all luck. You didn’t create the bit of you that succeeded. Be humble and companionate.
  4. Exercise! Take care of your body – you’re going to need it…
  5. Be hard on your opinions. Constantly examine them. Be critical of your biases and privileges.
  6. Be a teacher! Don’t take your education for grated. Share it.
  7. Define yourself by what you love. Express your passion for things you love.
  8. Respect people with less power than you.
  9. Don’t rush. You don’t need to know what you’re going to do with the rest of your life.

A transcript of his inspiring speech can be found on this page.

You’ll see from the comments below his YouTube recording, that he is indeed making people think before they bugger up their soufflé. What do you think? Do you agree with him that life is meaningless?

Let me know below, in our comments section.

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