The Lobster Effect

Many Financial Advisers feel stressed and overworked. If that sounds like you, you'll probably be able to relate to my video.The Lobster Effect and How Financial Advisers are Making the Same MistakeYou're busy.You’re productiveYou’re effective.You’re a Financial Adviser.And you’re on your own.You’re heroically managing your client portfolio, your business and [...]


How bad is your memory?

How bad is your memory exactly? Do you need to be Brain of Britain to pass your exams? German psychologist, Herman Ebbinghaus was the first to describe just how good at forgetting we are! Assuming that you start off knowing 95% or so of what you’ve just learned, within a [...]


Write less, remember more!

Did you know that if you write less, you’ll remember more? Well, it’s true! In fact, some therapists encourage their clients to forget their troublesome past by getting them to write in minute detail, over and over again, all their complaints about it – until they forget what they’re supposed [...]


How to make notes your brain will remember for the exam and beyond

Want to know how to make notes your brain will remember? We all know we need to make notes when we revise, don’t we? But does everyone know the best sort of notes to make? Probably not. Make these mistakes and more than likely, your brain will forget what you’re [...]


10 Tweaks to a Better Memory

Wish you had  better memory? I’m assuming that at least from time to time, you make a heroic effort to study for your Advanced Exams. And I’m also assuming that no matter how hard you work to get information into your head, that over the subsequent few days and weeks [...]


Memory loss and memory growth

Talking of memory loss, you know there are three signs of old age… The first is memory loss. And I can’t remember the other four… Who first said that? And, as Nicholas Parsons has asked, why is it OK to joke about old age, when we’re so careful not to [...]


Pen is mightier than keyboard

See this clever infographic to discover why penmanship beats computers hands down! [...]


Why you should ditch the computer and make revision notes by hand

Especially these days, when we are so dependent on our trusty computers both for finding information and also for filing it, it’s tempting to make our revision notes on them too. But there’s a problem with this. Well, only a problem if your reason for making the revision notes is [...]


The secret to remembering what you learn

When it comes to memory and remembering what you learn, you wouldn’t be the first to ask yourself if there’s something wrong with you! If you’re perfectly normal, that is! That’s to say, forgetting things is perfectly normal. Beating yourself up about it, is optional! So if it’s normal to [...]

Memory, Studying Techniques

Serial Position makes studying easier

Did you know that using Serial Position makes studying easier? I bet sometimes you wonder how you’re ever going to get through the enormous amount of material you need to learn for the exams. I’d also be willing to bet that you’re finding it quite a challenge to find time [...]