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I can’t even begin to express what our Queen’s passing means to me. And I’m sure, anything I say will have been said more eloquently by someone else. But, given that she has always been there, all my long life, holding steadfast to her mission, and doing a bloomin’ spectacular [...]

Studying Techniques

How to Pass CFP & Advanced Finance Exams First Time

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Studying Techniques

The Power of Association using The Link Method

Here's what you need to know about the Link MethodIf you’ve ever had a spontaneous thought, triggered by something else; maybe something you see or hear... or a particular smell, you'll realise that there must be all sorts of ideas connected in your brain that you’re blissfully unaware of, until [...]

Studying Techniques

How to use highlighters to remember what you’re learning

Want to know how to use highlighters to remember what you’re learning? Highlighting the challenge Who likes to use highlighters to identify themes in their textbooks? You? Are you sure it’s a good idea? I frequently come across students with psychedelic textbooks! Undeniably beautiful, is enthusiastically and copiously highlighting your [...]

Studying Techniques

Less is more when it comes to making study notes

When it comes to making study notes, less is more. Ever noticed how hard it is to retain information if it’s coming at you too fast to absorb it? It’s as if it’s ‘not going in’ your brain to start with, and if it ain’t in there, you’re hardly going [...]

Studying Techniques

Change the record to fix your memory problems and learn anything

A change is as good as a rest, to fix your memory problems – or so they say! When revising for boring old exams you’d be forgiven for complaining that perhaps some subjects just aren’t that exciting! And that’ll just add to your memory problems! Why? Because we’ve evolved to forget anything [...]

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Serial Position makes studying easier

Did you know that using Serial Position makes studying easier? I bet sometimes you wonder how you’re ever going to get through the enormous amount of material you need to learn for the exams. I’d also be willing to bet that you’re finding it quite a challenge to find time [...]

Studying Techniques

What connects our Olympic athletes and Maybelline?

So there’s a connection, is there, between our Olympic athletes and Maybelline? Keep reading… I wrote this article a few years ago… as you’ll notice from the references to the Rio Olympic Games, but I’m pretty sure my thoughts are as relevant now as they were then. Let me know [...]

Studying Techniques

A Memory Technique – The Link Method

Your brain loves the sort of connections and associations formed by using the Link Method of learning, and it remembers new things more easily if those new things can be associated with, and linked to information you already know. So the basic steps of the Link Method are as follows: Find [...]

Studying Techniques

It’s a sign!

Is it a sign of the times, that the on-going debate won’t abate! Which debate? The one among scientists, about the brain and vision. Hey! I don’t suppose it’s the only one! But it is the one that we are going to, ahem, look at! Because, while they agree that most of [...]