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Biggest revision mistakes: Couch potato! 

By  Lysette Offley

Biggest revision mistakes: Couch potato! = photo of a potato on a couchA couple of million years ago, as the rain forests shrank and the food supply collapsed with it, early man began to do a lot less climbing and a lot more walking, specifically across the African savannas, searching for food and shelter as they went. It is believed that men would have walked 10 to 20 km every day, and women, 5 to 10 km.

These were the circumstances under which the human brain developed. On the move! And of all the animals on the planet, the human brain is the most complex and highly developed of them all. And it developed as they trogged about, many, many miles every day. Movement was natural and normal.

Recent research tells us there is a direct link between exercise and brainpower: School children who spent 30 min jogging, two or three times a week, for three months had improved cognitive performance, compared to the test group who took no exercise. What’s more, when the children stopped exercising their cognitive performance levels went back to their original place.

Need I say more?

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