These recorded webinars cover a plethora of study skills to help you learn efficiently and to enjoy exam success. You can dip in whenever you need a little more help to get the hang of any particular aspect of the Genius Material programme.

(Excerpts from Calibrand training materials © Copyright Calibrand Limited 2012. All rights reserved. Moral rights as defined by the Copyright Designs and Patent Act 1988 are asserted. September 2012)

Please note the Online Revision Calendar (ORC) is currently unavailable. It has been replaced by The Bucket System from Key #3, which you will find in your core training.

In a Nutshell

The Genius Material Methodology, from beginning to end

Less is More

How can you learn less, and yet remember more?

Creating Patterns

How to get even complex ideas into your memory banks

Useful Notes

Make your notes useful

Pseudonumes 1

System for remembering numbers

Pseudonumes 2

Pseudonumes put to good use

Plan your Studying

You got everything covered?

MindMaps for Revision

Why MindMaps work

Be Organised!

How to arrange your study sessions

Different notes & folks

Brain-friendly notes - 6 ways


A useful study technique


Things to consider as you study


A useful study technique

Brain Shrink

Stay mentally agile into old age


MindMaps make good study notes

What's the question?

Create a good test question

The Link Method

A useful study technique

The Journey revisited

A useful study technique

Your Brain is Amazing!

Your Amazing Brain

Rôle of the Reticular Activating System in Learning

Attention experiment

Video shown by kind permission of Dr Daniel Simons.

What sort of learner?

How should you approach revision?

Exercise & memory

How exercise improves your memory

Making better notes

How to make  study notes work for you

Memory Consolidation 1

The importance of sleep

Memory Consolidation 2

The importance of sleep

Story Boarding

Vision, association & movement

Food for thought

Which food supports your brain?

Big Study Mistakes 1

Common study errors. What not to do.

Big Study Mistakes 2

Common study errors. What not to do.

Story Boards

A useful study technique

Memorable MindMaps

Get your MindMaps to stick

In a Nutshell 1

How to study

Using MindMaps

Make your MindMaps easy to recall

Why you need the ORC

What it is and why you need it

Keynote to PFS 1

Why we forget and what to do about it

In a Nutshell 2

Studying - what do you need to know

Memory Pegs

Something to hang your studying on!

Stress & Learning

How stress impacts on your studies

Improving Notes

Make your study notes memorable


An easy way to remember equations

What to do with keywords

How to find and use keywords

Found the keywords?

What to do with keywords

Brain food

Smart food & stupid food!


Linking your revision to an activity

Improve your memory

Increase your memory power 

The Journey Method

A useful study technique

Brain-friendly notes

What sort of notes does your brain like?

Keynote to PFS 2

Why we forget and what to do about it

The GM Process

A reminder

Mnemonics & Journey

The favourite of memory champions.

The Process

What to do and how to do it

Exams? Be Prepared

Set yourself up for success

What to do & when

What to do and in what order 


Make equations easier and more fun

3 keys & the ORC

3 Keys & Online Revision Calendar

Genius Material System

What to do and how to do it


Techniques for easy recall

Stay Sharp

Slow the ageing of your brain

Brain-friendly keywords

How your brain learns best

Manageable chunks

Divide your book into bite-sized pieces

Organise yourself

No more excuses! You can do this!


Formulae, ratios and equations

The right 10%

How to find the right keywords 

Better notes & recall

How to make your notes unforgettable

How do you learn best?

We're all different.

The GM system

How to learn the Genius Material way

Exercise & memory

Sure-fire way to improve your memory


A useful study technique

How to conquer stress

Stress makes learning difficult 

3 Keys to Learning

Master this for learning success

Which 10%?

Identify the right 10% of keywords

Improve  study notes

Make your notes more memorable


Set yourself up for success

Revision Calendar

Paperwork done for you

The Nitty Gritty

Putting it all together

Mind Mapping

Here's how

Special Effects

More memorable

YOU too, can pass EVERY exam FIRST time by doing LESS work.


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