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Study Skills And Motivation Count More Than IQ 

By  Lysette Offley

Study Skills And Motivation Count More Than IQ - logo of Genius MaterialIt’s official!

Study Skills And Motivation Matter More Than IQ to a person’s ability to learn.

‘Educational programs focusing on students’ motivation and study skills could be an important way to advance their competency in math as well as in other subjects.’ Says Dr Kou Murayama.

“Hoorah” says I!

Because there was a time when it was believed that intelligence (especially the sort that could be ahem, measured by a classic IQ test) predicted how successful a person would be, at least in their academic life.

However, now we understand that you’re not dependent on having lucky genes.

Because, a new study at the Universities of Munich and Bielefeld demonstrate that motivation and study skills top anything else.

Let’s face it, dogged determination and resilience account for a lot. You’re not going to get very far if you give up at the first hurdle, are you?

Study Skills And Motivation Count More Than IQ - photo of team workAnd as I’ve pointed out before, it’s the children who are praised for trying rather than succeeding who are willing to continue attempting new things, whether or not they succeed at first.

Effort creates ability.

But I’m also gratified that my claim that your ability to retain information is directly related to having a learning and revision strategy that works for you. Not for someone else, but for you.

One of the main driving forces motivating me to work so damn hard to get Genius Material to the next stage, is a determination to change the way youngsters feel about themselves when they don’t succeed straight away.

I grew up with, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.”

What happened to that?

Where did it go?

Seems to me, since my growing up days, we’ve had an attitude backlash from parents who, “Just want my child to be happy.”

Study Skills And Motivation Count More Than IQ. photo of dropped ice creamLet me tell you, your child will be a lot happier if you stop trying to take their difficulties, problems and challenges away from them, but instead teach them the tools to cope with whatever life chucks at them.

‘Cos it will! Whether you like it or not!

Genius Material v2.0 will enable users to discover their best revision strategy, and give them the tools to build up their confidence and self-esteem, as they realise how much more effective their learning is becoming.

And as I said to Boris Johnson, while sitting next to him at dinner (yes I’m name-dropping, and if you’re of a gentle disposition, look away now…)

“I’m buggered if I’m going to sit back and watch any more of our children come to the (wrong) conclusion that they can’t pass exams and therefore there must be something wrong with them.”

Oh no!

“Not on my watch!”



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Lysette Offley

Genius Maker & Founder of Genius Material and The Genius Principles. Working with professionals who need exceptional academic & professional development.

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