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Genius Material is the Missing Link! 

By  Lysette Offley

Genius Material: “Really important missing link to help students change exam failure into success.”

Brian Hipkin, Dean of Students, Regents University

The Missing Link? Couldn’t agree more!!

Genius Material the Missing Link. Photo of Regent's UniAnd how wonderful to hear such a thing here, of all places –  where, since 2004, I’ve undertaken many Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Learning Skills NLP courses.

Once called Regent’s College, it’s now Regent’s Uni.

Located in Regent’s Park, London, it’s in a beautiful setting, especially on a sunny day like the ones we enjoy from time to time. I know Regents Uni so well, it feels like home.

Genius Material the Missing Link - photo of Regent's Uni

I’ve been working like a slave to bring Genius Material up to date, using the technology our young people are already using every day.

I first created the complete, “Genius Material – How to Learn” programme just before iPads arrived, and since then, over the last several years, technology has ‘moved on’ to say the least!

Old and clunky

In many of our universities and colleges, the platforms designated to connect students with their tutors, are just so old and unwieldy, that they’re hardly used – and certainly not in an overly useful way.

The new version of Genius Material makes exceptionally clever (if I say it myself!) use of what our tech can do for us these days, so that students will engage with the new Genius Material app like ducks taking to water!

The part that constitutes the software/app/tool – call it what you will – makes retaining what you’ve learned an absolute doddle, and fun too. And it’ll be easier to use it, than try to struggle on without it.

How will they cope?

If you have children at university, you’re possibly already aware that students across the country often have a particularly difficult transition from school to an environment and expectation of them that are usually very different from what they’re used to.

Large class sizes, relatively little contact time, unfamiliar teaching styles and lesson structure etc etc, and discovering that they are no longer top of the class, but a small fish in a large pond – most discombobulating indeed!

Genius Material the Missing Link - photo of Regent's UniDon’t let your child struggle with school or uni exams – just for the want of a revision strategy and tools that work.

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…a walk in the park!



Learning is fun! Or is it?

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