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Help with Compliance Exams 

By  Lysette Offley

If you are a director, manager or HR coordinator of a company in financial services, as a leader, it’s your job to utilise a comprehensive knowledge of industry practices, laws, regulations and compliance requirements to implement the company’s vision, goals, and strategies; to identify growth opportunities… all in the best interests of clients and stakeholders.

You can’t do that though if your workforce isn’t fully qualified and certificated. You need them to be fully compliant for legal and regulatory requirements; to have high standards of competence, ethics, and professionalism, for the sake of client trust, and confidence, and for the company’s reputation, and to attract new business.

No matter what, they need to pass their compliance exams. And you need to know you’re not at risk of errors, misconduct, non-compliance or financial loss.

You’ve prioritised building a culture of ongoing learning and development to enhance your employees’ knowledge and skill, and to keep your company competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.

You’ve provided opportunities for training and development, study materials and resources. You hire technical trainers and invest in online training platforms. Naturally enough, all of these incur substantial investment. Maybe you also offer incentives and rewards. There might also be staff costs relating to employment of the right people and letting the wrong people go.

But the problem hasn’t gone away. Not all of your employees have the certifications you need them to have.

That’s difficult enough today. What about the future?

If your staff aren’t qualified to do the jobs you need them to do might that risk a decrease in revenue and missed growth opportunities? Could you ultimately lose clients and revenue streams to competitors?

If your employees consistently fail certification exams might it lead to a decline in client satisfaction and trust, and potential damage to the company’s reputation, not to mention the danger of substantial penalties and fines for non-compliance.

Might exam failures reflect poorly on the company’s ability to attract and retain top talent? 

Will you suffer from reduced productivity and more errors? Are your employees struggling with their job responsibilities costing you more to rectify errors and again risking reputational damage?

And what about your employees? Might repeated compliance-exam failures lead to frustration and decreased motivation, morale and engagement? Might uncertainty and job insecurity among team members affect overall team dynamics and collaboration? Might limited career progression lead to an increased turnover of staff and all the real and hidden costs that go along with that?

Will you need to recruit externally – resulting in higher costs for talent acquisition? 

And will all of this divert attention and resources away from other critical business activities impacting overall operational efficiency?

I get it. Having your employees repeatedly failing exams is a problem with many knock-on consequences.

Supposing instead, they pass every compliance exam, with a score of more than 80% and remembered what they’ve learned forever?

Sounds like a tall order? Not in my experience.

Because I’m different! I’m not another technical trainer. My programme, Genius Material has been called ‘The Missing Link’ by leading educationalists, and it’s the one part of the jigsaw puzzle you’ve been missing.

You see, unfortunately the problem you’ve been trying to solve isn’t the real problem.

Here’s the real problem

  1. We’re hardwired to forget, so even if your employee learns some information (And I’d be willing to bet, most of the time, most aren’t really ‘learning’ it, rather they’ve become familiar with it – and that’s not the same at all) they’ll naturally and effortlessly begin to forget it 10 minutes later.
  2. We’re never taught how to learn the sort of dense and technical-heavy information required for financial services exams.
  3. We’re time-poor, with other, often more pressing concerns pulling our focus and energy… important things such as clients, business processes, families and health.

Whatever study activities we used in the past to survive our exams, is no longer cutting the mustard. And yet, in the absence of any better ideas, we plod on, maybe trying even harder, sacrificing more of our time and effort, only to achieve the same outcome – disappointment and frustration, maybe eventually, resentment and defeat.

All for the want of a clear understanding of what study strategy will enable our brain to make a pattern of the information and send it to our long-term memory.

And, as a teacher of 40 years, 20 in mainstream schools and another 20, running my own business, I find that very painful. Because it doesn’t have to be that way.

First of all I profile my clients to discover how their brain is already doing information beautifully every day. And then we use that intel to design, a simple, fun and motivating three-step study system, that simply works.

And that is why that even after having failed a couple of exams several times each, my clients pass every single exam, with a score of better than 80%, by doing less work, while enjoying the process. What’s more, they remember what they’ve learnt forever, which means they become more confident and capable, more knowledgeable, more resourceful and reliable.

They discover that they are Genius Material!

Everyone’s happy.

I’ve got an abundance of testimonials from happy clients. It’s the same story every time. Multiple fails, nearly giving up on ambitions, to turning their results around 180, and achieving their professional and personal goals in record time, all because of breaking through the learning and exam barrier.

I expect my clients to pass every exam and I expect them to score 80% or more. Because Genius Material is based on neurology and scientific research. It’s predictable and reliable.

How would your employees passing exams first time and remembering the information they learn impact on the problem you’ve been experiencing?

You’ll know that compliance and regulatory concerns are addressed, along with productivity and efficiency. You’ll protect your hard-won reputation and client trust, your employees’ confidence, morale and engagement.

You’ll be able to highlight the company’s commitment to employee development and success, and your teams will enjoy greater self-esteem, enthusiasm, engagement and loyalty while increasing their own chances of gaining promotions, salary increases, and access to higher-level positions.

In short, you will have succeeded in promoting a culture of continuous learning, while improving overall performance and compliance within your company.

So, give me a shout and we’ll make Genius Material out of your employees yet!

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