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By  Lysette Offley

I can’t even begin to express what our Queen’s passing means to me. And I’m sure, anything I say will have been said more eloquently by someone else.

But, given that she has always been there, all my long life, holding steadfast to her mission, and doing a bloomin’ spectacular job not just for her nation; not just for our 54 member state Commonwealth, a total of over 2.4 billion people; but for the rest of the world too… it got me thinking…

What an amazing legacy she has left for us.

And, what about us? What can we learn from her success?

We often talk about legacy when we talk about our own mission; our own goals. But, to what extent do we truly set ourselves up to deliver it?

What does it take to stay consistent; to stay on track? Especially when something unexpected turns up to test us.

Well, surely, at the very least, we need to get our mindset in order. You can’t manage anything if you can’t manage your mind.

And, surely, we need effective strategies, tools and techniques; the skills to achieve the outcome we are looking for?

And, surely, we need to surround ourselves with people who will hold us to our mission and support us too? Research demonstrates that we become more like the people we hang around with. That can be a scary thought!

As a Memory & Mindset Coach, working with people in Professional Services, it’s plain as plain can be, the difference it makes to your ability to achieve your goals; your mission and create your legacy when you have the right structure in place.

So, whether you are wading through your qualification exams to propel yourself into the life and career you want to create or whether you are dealing with unwonted thoughts, feelings and behaviour which is keeping you from stepping into the future you want…

Talk to me…

And let me help you create and deliver your legacy.

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