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ICANN and I will! 

By  Lysette Offley

Goodness only knows, I do my best to manage all the technical aspects of running a business and maintaining a variety of websites. But I learned something last Saturday that might be useful to you too.

To cut a long story short, the reason I wasn’t getting some of my emails was because I had failed to verify the new information, in this case new credit card details, associated with that particular domain name.

ICANN and I will - photo of can of spamI’m quite paranoid about my domain names and work on the basis that one careless slip on my part will result in someone or something taking my business, along with the website away from me. Yeah! That’s paranoia alright!

And even so, in negotiating my way through vast quantities of spam generously offering to sell me my own domain name (which I know I’ve already paid for and which I already own) at an inflated price so that it doesn’t get sold instead to a ‘very interested customer of theirs’; and emails asking to check my WhoIs ownership information, which I already know to be accurate and have therefore stopped wasting time checking it…

You can hear it coming, can’t you…

I cocked up!

Some time at the beginning of last year there was a change in the required process, set by the domain name regulation body, so now I’ve corrected the problem I’ve got, and I now know to verify the information any time that I:

  • Register a new domain name
  • Renew an existing domain belonging to me
  • Transfer a domain
  • Change contact details

Read all about it here.

Some of you have service providers who take care of this stuff for you, but look out if you manage all of this malarkey yourself!

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