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Lining up the ducks… 

By  Lysette Offley

Lining up the ducks. Photo of ducks in a lineIt’s all finally coming together, at last!

This week has been somewhat eventful!!

Channel 4 documentary

I had a ‘phone call from a documentary producer, needing an expert on board a pilot (On board? Pilot? See what I did there!!) programme for Channel 4, to help explain and ultimately help people with Kleptomania.

(Dictionary definition: A recurrent urge to steal, typically without regard for need or profit.)

Phot of Lysette Offley in the Daily Mirror 17.01.12He’d found out about me because of the interview I did for The Mirror newspaper a few years ago, when the TV chef Antony Worrall Thompson was caught stealing from our local Tesco.

The behaviour is little understood…

People who fall into this category, typically steal the same items repeatedly… like the woman who ended up with 17 tool kits, none of which she ever used.

But like any behaviour (or controversially perhaps, any disease or ill-health) it’s an attempt to fulfil a need. Once your unconscious mind has a better solution for the problem the old behaviour is trying to solve, the old behaviour just drops away all by itself.

There’s certainly very little support or help available on the NHS or even, informally, online.

But Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy, which includes other brief therapies such as NLP, New Code NLP, CBT etc, etc, really does help a person find a better solution to the problem the behaviour is supposed to solve. And quickly too.

For this pilot programme, the producer is looking for anyone who thinks they have this problem and would like to participate, and of course, have my help to let go of the unwanted behaviour.

So if you know someone interested in that, please ask them to get in touch asap.

Now, if I had more time, I’d be helping them organise it, motivated to let people know that you really can make the necessary changes you need, and create a happier, healthier life for yourself.

Lining up the ducks. Photo of mountain climberBut I’ve got my work cut out already.


A week for pilots!

It’s been a long time coming. I’ve worked exceptionally hard, and have (and in the sage words of The Landmark Forum) ‘persisted in the face of no agreement’. And by that, I mean, I’ve kept going, even when the going got tough, and continued being tough, for a long, loooong time!!

However, Genius Material, my complete, step-by-step, foolproof system to pass exams first time – guaranteed – is on the brink of a revolution!

This week has been about lining my ducks up in a row.

Lining up the ducks. Photo of student textingOver the next two or three months, Genius Material will undergo a complete redesign, using the new and addictive mobile technology we all have at our fingertips. It will therefore encompass informal and social learning as well as formal learning for exams.

I’ll be working with design technology students as we go, to make sure that we end up with exactly what they can’t wait to get their hands on themselves…

So that in January…

Lining up the ducks. Photo of fanfare

Big fanfare, roll on the drums…

We begin several pilot groups to trial it for a couple of months.

As of this week, I’ve already got a couple of universities and a couple of Further Education Colleges poised. I’m also taking to a 6th form college but could do with a couple of large organisations where staff are having to get qualifications and/or stay compliant.

Can you help?

Lining up the ducks. Photo of graduationDo you know someone I could speak to and let them know what’s happening, so they can identify a group of employees and choose to participate if they’d like to?

What I’ll get

These pilot groups are intended to give me feedback and case studies (just like the one I did with the original version of Genius Material a few years back.)

What they’ll get

And they’ll get the wherewithal for quicker, more efficient and fun learning, which will have them pass exams comfortably, first time.

Sounds Positive, eh?

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