Genius Resources

Here you will find some extra resources. I hope you find them useful.

10 Minute, Guided-Relaxation

"I have been using the 10 Minute Guided Relaxation Track most lunchtimes and I find it the best way to help me refocus on my priorities. This reenergizes me for the rest of the day to accomplish much more. I think this is the easiest and most invigorating way to spend 10 minutes of a busy day."

Brian James, author, speaker and creator of the Brian James Group, Thame, Oxfordshire

Let go of Stress and Negative Thinking

Here are the exercises to accompany the webinar, Stay Sharp to the Bottom of the Glass. Watch it first for instructions. These exercises will help you let go of stress and negativity. Spend a few days on each exercise before moving on to the next. Start with #1.

1. What Triggers a Negative Thought?

Sounds Positive - What Triggers a Negative Thought?

2. Unhelpful Thinking Styles

Sounds Positive - Unhelpful Thinking Style

3. Mood Improver

Sounds Positive - Mood Improver

Use these three exercises in turn to begin to develop new automatic habits, leaving you feeling a lot calmer, day-to-day. 

Stress gets in the way of learning, so learn to reduce yours - for better revision.

3 Keys to Learning Crib Sheet

Just to make sure everyone gets the fundamentals of Genius Material here is your 3 Keys to Learning crib sheet to remember 80% of what you're revising - forever. Sure beats forgetting 80%, which is what you set yourself up for if you don't pay attention to these 3 keys.

3 Keys Crib Sheet

MindMapping Crib sheet

Many people find MindMaps very useful for revision because they work so well with the way our brains already prefer to process, store and retrieve information. Use this crib sheet to MindMap, the Genius Material way.

Genius Material MindMapping Crib Sheet

YOU too, can pass EVERY exam FIRST time by doing LESS work.


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