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By  Lysette Offley

Photo of Pedometer

Perhaps you already know that we should be moving more, and that our sedentary lifestyle is playing havoc with our health – physical and mental. But did you know – the recommendation is that we take at least 10,000 steps every day to stay healthy? (And latest research suggests we need to double that amount to reap the rewards.

Do you know how many you take?

Most of us walk between 3,000 and 4,000 steps per day. 1000 steps is probably about 10 minutes of brisk walking.

You should know – there’s a funny thing about us Humans – and we can use it to our advantage.

As soon as we have a device for measuring stuff – we get measuring!

So people who’ve found a way of counting the steps they walk, become interested, no, fascinated with how many they take each day. What’s more, they automatically take steps (like the pun?) to increase the number they take, maybe by climbing the stairs rather than using the lift, or walking instead of taking the car, just because they want to, to see how it affects their step count for the day!

Eh voila! People move more. And that’s what we want.

And walking in particular is great too. Because it can be done almost anywhere, at any time, and particularly – in any weather.

Me? I love cycling, and I’m blessed to live where I do. There’s nothing I like more than to cycle by the river, in one direction, to one town, and in the other direction, to another town. But I need a ‘reason’ to go – so I’ll take a book back to the library, do a small grocery shop or sit in the bookshop with a cup of coffee and one of their books, doing what is loosely known as research! It’s more of an excuse really, but it works for me. It gets me out regularly. And I love it.

And guess what? I have a computer on my bike too – which measures all sorts of stuff like how fast I’m going, my highest speed during the journey, how long it’s taken etc. And it will compare the measurements on today’s journey with my last.

Hey! I’m pretty obsessed with those numbers! On the one hand it simply doesn’t matter. I’m there to enjoy the ride, the scenery, the wildlife, the weather. On the other hand – somehow, I find myself cycling faster than the last time – just to see if I can.

Imagine that! I’m getting fitter, simply because of some irrational quirk in my personality!


During the winter months, the cycle ways became muddy and unusable, and at certain times of year we can be flooded for months on end. No cycling possible for me then.

Except maybe if I were to consider underwater cycling like these people!

Yes, I have a sense of humour and no, I won’t be joining them!

Pedometer. Photo of flooded riverYesterday we went for a long walk. The weather was glorious and not too cold. It was amazing to see some of the flooding we’ve had lately – it changes the usually familiar landscape into a brand new experience. I wish I’d worn a pedometer. I have a rough idea of how many miles we walked, but I’d love to know how many steps I took.

So my point?

I’m going to get a pedometer and start counting. But I’m going to get one that measures all sorts of perimeters, such as distance, speed, calories burned etc, because I know that for me, that’s what’s going to get me out there, fascinated by the walking itself.

You can count on it!

Please share and leave a comment. Ta 🙂

Using a pedometer. Photo of pedometer

Using a pedometer

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