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Silly Season is Here! 

By  Lysette Offley

A Genius Material client earning a spectacular 2.1 honours degree

You know me! I just couldn’t help myself…

Silly question!

I mean…!
The answer you get is only as good as the question you ask!
Especially if you’re asking a pedant!

Elvis Shmelvis

Not quite sure what Elvis and his band were doing, going in the opposite direction to the Henley Regatta, and 2 miles upstream from all the action. Still, it bought all the neighbours out of their houses to watch them go past…

That was a total of…


Well, just three of us, actually. Not much of an audience for all the effort they’d gone to!

Anyone know what it was all about?



Well! Gotta love the power of social media… (sometimes!)

A guy called Elvis Shmelvis left me a message on my YouTube channel where I had uploaded the above video!

Guess who!!!

Martyn (real name), from our float-past concert with his band, the Riverboyz!

We’ve had a chat and now it all makes sense! But somewhat disappointing to discover that their performance wasn’t just for the three of us, after all!

Although they began their journey upstream in Wargrave, and were on their return when we caught them, they had of course gone through Marsh Lock and all the way past the Regatta and back again. And as per plan, were picked up by the media: TV, radio and newspapers – it being Press Day and all!

Job done!

Elvis ShmelvisApparently, they’d stopped off at the Angel on the Bridge, where the multi-talented Mike Reed joined them as lead singer! What a treat for everyone!

If you’re interested in finding out more about Martyn’s Elvis gigs or his Ricky Lopez Swing events, or indeed would like to book him and his band, here is his website.

I know you’re reading this, Martyn – I hope we do indeed see you performing at the Wargrave and Shiplake Regatta later in the year.

Maybe, and with any luck, they’ll also be appearing at a Regatta near you!

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