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What Equipment do you Need for Financial Services Exams? 

By  Lysette Offley

What Equipment do you Need for Financial Services Exams - photo of coloured pencilsPlease don’t use a gorgeous, brand spanking new exercise book for your Financial Services revision notes, because you’ll be concentrating on making it look nice and neat instead of focusing on making the best sort of notes. Use blank A4 paper instead. It needs to be blank because lined paper will make you want to write in a linear fashion from left to right instead of using space, formatting, symbols, colour etc which you can find out about by becoming a member of the Genius Material website – the complete revision system for Financial Services exams. You need to give yourself the best chance to make easily remembered notes and blank paper does a better job.

It also needs to be loose paper because you will be filing it away in your ring binder and you can find out more about that later too. As you get better at making revision notes, they will change and develop and it will be important for you to replace your original notes when you’ve found a better way of making them. Of course it will be easy to do that if you’re using loose paper.

Use colour to group together similar ideas and to separate them from the rest of your notes. So you will also need coloured pencils and pens.

And that’s it – apart from a quiet place away from distractions, and a relaxed and focused mind.

All you need to revise for those Financial Services Exams.

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