Do you know how to achieve your goal? 

By  Lysette Offley

It’s a simple enough question, but do you really know how to achieve your goal?

How to tell if you'll achieve your goal - quoteLet me tell you about a time that I came pretty close to achieving one particular goal…

Maybe you do know how to achieve your goal. But a lot of us don’t realise what’s going on on those occasions we fail to even get off the starting block.

I recently spent several hours of my leisure time comparing the colours of a particular brand of ink online.

Recognising that the colours on my various screens couldn’t be true, accurate representations, nevertheless I wanted to be as well-informed as I could be, so that I ordered just the right shades for my fountain pen. That was the goal I wanted to achieve.

Motivation – Who needs it?

  • In the grand scheme of things, was it important. No!
  • Does it really matter what shade of green, orange or purple I write with? Surely not!
  • Has it rendered my fountain pen inappropriate for signing documents and contracts? Oh yeah!
  • But was I having fun? You bet!

And somehow, I found the time for that research, ahead of putting the next load of washing in the machine or emptying the dishwasher!

And yet, on another occasion, the washing, vacuuming, and indeed tidying of cupboards now, somehow took precedence over writing my dissertation!

Funny that!

Goal Setting Workshop

Photo of Lysette Offley at Business Biscotti's Creative CumulusI had the honour and joy of delivering an hour’s introductory workshop to a fun, receptive and supportive group of entrepreneurs, at Business Biscotti’s Creative Cumulus last Friday. It was a great opportunity for me to process-ise the effective goal-setting procedure, making sure you have your unconscious mind on board. Not doing so, of course is the reason only 8% of people stick to their New Year’s Resolutions. I really enjoyed it and now have a great group of guinea-pigs to test the full programme – once it’s finished. Nearly there!! Coming soon, and all that!

Photo of Lysette Offley on Marlow FM 13.01.17And in the afternoon, I was on Radio Marlow FM‘s Biz Buzz with my lovely friend Jean Wolfe, AKA “The Dutchess!”

We talked about the role of the unconscious mind and how it can help or hinder our efforts, and of course, how to harness its amazing power, with regard to achieving goals such as losing weight.

We also talked about using your brain for better results when it comes to taking exams.

You can listen to the interview below, to find out more about what I’ve been up to.

Catch yourself on!

Ever told yourself something over and over until eventually you believe it?

Of course you have!

Probably deliberately, and certainly unconsciously!

Have you ever believed something because someone else has told you? Maybe you’ve even heard the same message repeatedly, either from the same person or from a variety of people.

Do you know how to achieve your goal - quoteIf you hear something often enough, you’ll believe it eventually. That’s how brainwashing works. It’s how advertising works. It’s how propaganda works.

And it’s how you talk to yourself all the time!


You mean I’m brain-washing myself and don’t know it?


Remember this World War II slogan?

Do you know how to achieve your goal? - QuoteCarless talk costs lives – well, for sure, the quality of your life.

So catch yourself telling yourself negative stuff, by first of all identifying your habitual negative thinking style. That’s the first step if you want to actually achieve your goal.

To do just that, you might want to have a go at this exercise. Click on the image below, and sign up for access. Prepare to be surprised, if not, a little shocked! But don’t despair. Once you’ve caught your habitual negative thinking style, you can deliberately take steps to change it.

After all, habits are learned. With a little help and your own effort, you can develop a healthier one.

Want to find out what’s stopping you achieving your goal?

Want some help? Then give me a shout. You know where I am!

Let’s do it – maybe!


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