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Brain circuitry & PTSD 

By  Lysette Offley

Brain circuitry & PTSD - photo of poppies on war memorialFinally, it seems, there are some indications that people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, invalided out of the military, are beginning to get the understanding, support and treatment they need.

For too long, victims of this exhausting condition have been left to their own devices – most having to live with debilitating and persistent recall of the horrors they’ve experienced at war. Sleep eludes them and mental stress means living a normal life becomes impossible. It’s usually treated with drugs, behavioral therapy and other approaches. Some psychiatrists encourage PTSD victims to confront the very thing they fear. For many, it simply doesn’t work. It can even worsen depression not even related to the PTSD.

Research has demonstrated that meditation has positive physical and mental effects, protecting us against stress and anxiety, and has now turned its attention to the specific needs of people with PTSD – to discover it has massive benefits.

Military turns to meditation for PTSD

Mindfulness also alters brain circuitry. This region of the brain plays a major role in the perception of bodily sensation – whether a given signal is interpreted as innocuous, painful or pleasurable. “Once you’re aware of the signals, they have less power over you,” he says.

Meanwhile there seems to be a link between a person’s formative years, i.e. their family circumstances and their ability to cope with traumatic circumstances at home and their likelihood of getting PTSD in their military career. It seems, a lack of coping skills before entering the military is an indicator for being susceptible to PTSD later.

Combat PTSD Tied to Intensity of Fight – MedPage Today


MedPage TodayCombat PTSD Tied to Intensity of FightMedPage TodayWhether soldiers in combat develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) depends on their perception and attention to threat, the intensity of combat they are exposed to, and genetic …

And women seem to be even more susceptible.

Women, the Front Line and PTSD – Huffington Post (blog)


Women, the Front Line and PTSDHuffington Post (blog)As the ban on women in combat gets officially lifted, our female active-duty personnel and Veterans will likely become even more susceptible to PTSD. The high instances of trauma seen on the front …

Don’t you think it’s time we gave PTSD sufferers the support and effective therapy they need? The knowledge is there, the therapeutic techniques are known and available. There’s no excuse.

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