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How to get rid of anxiety, especially if you’re anxious to do so! 

By  Lysette Offley

How to get rid of anxiety - photo of anxious ape with babyNo one likes to feel uncomfortable (do they?) so why would you put up with it when you can easily find out here how to get rid of anxiety. Notwithstanding the misery of that horrible, nasty feeling, why do you need to get rid of anxiety?

Anxiety makes us stupid!

Ever noticed that you can’t think straight when you’re afraid? No? Well, probably not, because when you’re anxious and afraid, all you notice is the thing you’re anxious about!

But have you noticed other people don’t listen to reason when they’re anxious?


Same thing.


What’s the purpose of anxiety?

How to get rid of anxiety - photo of nervous catAnxiety is nature’s way of keeping you away from danger. That’s to say, your automatic, unconscious mind’s perception of danger. Like I’ve said before, one man’s phobia, is another’s comedy routine. It’s all down to perception.

You’re much less inclined to go near something or someone you’re afraid of, so… job done!

But supposing your conscious, logical mind knows that you have no real reason to be anxious of this particular thing – does that mean you can switch the anxiety off?

Maybe! But since your unconscious mind is far stronger, most people discover that they remain afraid anyway. And then they start thinking there must be something really wrong with them that they can’t stop fretting even though they know they shouldn’t.

That’s when you need some help. Not the sort where you talk endlessly, for months or years, about the problem. Not the sort where you moan on about who said what and who did what, but the sort where you decide what changes you want to make in yourself and where the job gets done, there and then.

Want to change something? Contact me and see how I can help.

Learning from Lobsters


 Why should students get rid of anxiety?

Because you can’t think straight, nor indeed focus on anything else when you’re nervous and twitchy, learning just isn’t going to happen when you’re anxious. Students need to be in the sort of emotional state that allows them to learn (obviously), and feeling anxious isn’t it! So students too, would do well to discover how to get rid of anxiety, if they want to give themselves the best chance of succeeding.


How to manage your emotions


How to get rid of anxiety

How to get rid of anxiety - photo of anxious dogYou can’t just pretend it’s not there. Many have tried, and failed!

You can’t simply tell yourself, “Stop it,” and expect your unconscious mind to shrug its shoulders and oblige, when it’s trying to do its level best to protect you.

But there are ways to get rid of anxiety that allow the unconscious mind to continue to protect you from real danger. Here are some of them:

  1. Deep breathing. The opposite of the shallow and rapid breaths that come with anxiety.
  2. Relaxing techniques: Mindfulness, EFT, Havening etc.
  3. Name the feeling. Be responsible for having the feeling. Don’t let the feeling have you!
  4. Learn why the emotional part of your brain behaves the way that it does. Accept it and work with it.
  5. Contact me to discover how I can help.

We’ve evolved to experience anxiety for a good reason. And as I once said to Colin Baker, one of the actors who played Dr Who,

“Resistance is futile!!”

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