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By  Lysette Offley

More news about good brain food. Photo of overweight peopleMore news about good brain food…

Fault Lines – Fast food, Fat profits: Obesity in America

Obesity in America has reached a crisis point. Two out of every three Americans are overweight, one out of every three is obese. One in three are expected to have diabetes by 2050.

Why would you continue to eat junk food when you’d be missing out on all this good stuff?

Brain Food | Brain World


Feeling like your brain could use some help? Few people would say no to improving their brain function. Especially in light of the degrading effects that aging can have on our brains, many of us would like to  improve and sustain our memory, comprehension and our ability to solve problems.

But are we prepared to go the extra mile to get the results we’d like?

You’ve got to worry when food manufacturers now spend nearly twice as much money on advertising their breakfast cereals as they do on the ingredients that go into them.

9 Surprising Facts About Junk Food | Mother Jones


“This,” Witherly [a food scientist] said, “is one of the most marvelously constructed foods on the planet, in terms of pure pleasure.” Notice the puff’s uncanny ability to melt in the mouth. “It’s called vanishing caloric density,” Witherly said. “If something melts down quickly, your brain thinks that there’s no calories in it…you can just keep eating it forever.”

Oh my!

Words escape me. What rubbish are we eating? What will it take for us to say, “Enough?”

Perhaps we’ll have to simply vote with our feet – by just eating real food and spurning the crap.

Brain Food: The Memory Diet – Everything Zoomer


How does a memory expert stay sharp? We asked Dr Alan Logan, author of The Brain Diet, member of Harvard’s School of Continuing Medical Education and lecturer on dietary supplements and the connection between food and mental health.

There’s plenty of information available to us. There’s no excuse for ignorance. If we can’t take responsibility for what goes into our bodies, how can we take responsibility for anything else?

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