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Did you get the ‘A’ Level results you need? 

By  Lysette Offley

Did you get the 'A' Level results you need?Crikey!

The ‘phone hasn’t stopped ringing this week, and no, I’m not complaining!

Several enquiries by soon-to-be-clients and several excited clients who can’t wait to tell me of the success that they’ve had.

That includes several teenagers getting the A-level results they need to go to their first choice universities, or doing exceptionally well in their first-year exams at uni, and also professional clients whose businesses are going from strength to strength, thanks to the shifts in mindset they’ve experienced through our work.

How much do you think I enjoy that?

Yes, you know me well enough by now. And to quote a line from The Life Of Brian, when Brian is asked how much does he hate the Romans:


Many congratulations everyone. You’ve all worked very hard and thoroughly deserve the success you’ve achieved.

More to come, I’m sure!

Meanwhile, some of our young people will be wondering what on earth to do, having not got the grades they needed. Not only will their plans have been dashed but no doubt, their self-esteem will have taken a nasty knock.

I’m looking for teenagers who need a better strategy; young people who really want to pass their exams, have a lot less stress but don’t know where to start.


Because I have the perfect program for you. Just have a look at the rest of this article and see for yourself.

Give me a shout and find out how I can help you too.

Congratulations 'A' Level Results

“Just to say that Matt heard today that he got into Exeter University. How different from last year! You can take all the credit for your part in it… what you taught him and what he’s applied. Just wanted to say thank you, Lysette!”

Debbie Atkins

“Thomas has done his first year at Coventry and has got the equivalent of a 1st for the first year of his degree. Seeing you set him on track. You gave him the confidence to believe in himself and know he can do it.”

Sarah Denne

I don’t just work with teenagers taking exams


I also received this at the weekend, from another talented, ambitious entrepreneur.

“I have just taken on my second biggest client, with the potential for them to invest even further. I know my work with you played a big part in landing this client. 12 months ago it wouldn’t have happened. This time, I believed in myself from the outset and I was confident. Others have noticed a massive change in me… they say I seem more content and even my posture is different… standing up straight, head held high and facing the world full on.

Amazing, eh? Thanks again, and enjoy the champagne!”

I will! 🙂

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Lysette Offley

Genius Maker & Founder of Genius Material and The Genius Principles. Working with professionals who need exceptional academic & professional development.

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