Emotional Flooding! 

By  Lysette Offley

Emotional Flooding Photo of floodingMany of us, living in the Thames Valley, and on other low-lying land in the UK are experiencing the most extraordinary weather, the like of which, many of us haven’t ever seen before.

Not only has it meant a long and dark and wet winter, but it has brought with it, some very threatening challenges to our homes and lives.

I have to admit, the novelty of wearing wellies and home-made waders to get out of the house, down the garden path and along the road to where I’ve parked my car on some friends’ dry land – is beginning to wear off a bit!

Why oh why did I tell my mum, no, no, of course I didn’t need her to buy me waders, when she offered to buy me some the last time we flooded? !!

So as you can see from the video and photos, it’s taken a Blue Peter approach i.e. sticky backed tape and rubble sacs (thank you Gibbs & Dandy!) to get us in and out of the house relatively dryly.


For my non-UK readers – we grew up watching a TV programme called Blue Peter and every week they’d show us how to make something creative – and almost recognisable – if you used enough imagination, that is!

We learned how to make a sock puppet, a hammock for dolls, a Father Xmas decoration and even Tracy Island (again, a British TV thing) out of bits and bobs round the house, especially left over packaging such as empty yoghurt pots, and washing up liquid bottles!

During the prolonged flooding, many people have displayed a typically British stoic attitude by ‘just getting on with it’ – to be loudly applauded when so many lives have been hugely battered and disrupted by the storms and floods.

It’s interesting, isn’t it, that when the proverbial hits the fan, it often brings out the best in us, helping and supporting each other – when perhaps under other circumstances, we’d hardly even notice each other?

And have you noticed, that while some people seemingly prefer to imagine the problem as big as they can, others minimise it? Both are, of course, unconscious strategies to survive the ups and downs of life.

Perhaps you’ve noticed your own agitation, irritation and frustration at someone else with the opposite attitude to yours? Ever felt that the other person seems to be almost enjoying their catastrophising? Or perhaps you feel that they just don’t understand the enormity of the problem?

Just goes to show that we all have different ways of processing information and making sense of it to try to keep ourselves safe. Different strategies, but with the same desired outcome. Maybe we could bear that in mind next time we feel our hackles rising?

And if you’re a pessimistic type, you might want to try a little more optimism. Research has shown that optimistic people live longer, happier, healthier lives! Seems a good enough reason to me to at least try to focus on the positive.

Talking of a glass half-full attitude to get you through the day… Paul Budd of the world-renowned Leander Club – the rowing club here in Henley on Thames, and like so many places, is currently surrounded by flood water, was quoted in our local paper as having said, “All our bedrooms now have a river view!”

I like that!

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