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Fermented Food? Yuck! What’s that! 

By  Lysette Offley

Fermented Food? Yuck! What's that! - photo of sauerkrautOne of the things that’s mentioned, in the brilliant film, Origins, is the massive benefit of fermented food to your brain and immune system, and I thought you might like to know more about it. If you’ve ever eaten sauerkraut, then you’re a bit more in the know! However, most commercially produced ‘sauerkraut’ isn’t the real thing at all, and has no active ingredients, once sterilised and bottled.

So what is fermented food then and what’s the big deal? Well, in a nutshell, while sugar and refined carbohydrates cause damage, fermented foods heal. Find out more by reading on…

But first, to reassure and inspire you… Let’s face it, if I can do it… 🙂

How do I?

Despite reading that sauerkraut is easy to make, I was extremely sceptical. So I did what any other self-respecting cynic would do… I got on the internet and read around the subject, trying to convince myself that my efforts wouldn’t end up a stinking, rotting, putrid… Hmmm! You get the picture!

But, eventually I dared myself to follow the very easy instructions, eh voila! It worked! Who’d have thought!!

And as a bonus – it was actually edible! Most edible, in fact. Some might even go as far as to say, ‘delicious’!

If you like that kind of thing!

For some, it may be an acquired taste, but if you fall into this category, wouldn’t you try hard to get to like it when you know how much healthier you’ll be as a result?

There’s a great resource I found, which really encouraged me to give it a try, so go to: Cultures for Health and sign up at the bottom of the page, for brilliant FREE recipe books and get creative!

It’s a piece of cake. Oh no… wait… I probably didn’t mean that!   🙂

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