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There’s nothing like a good chuckle at Xmas… 

By  Lysette Offley

And this is nothing like a good chuckle…

I expect you’ve got better things to do during the run-up to Christmas, than to read my blog!

But just in case you’d like a break from wrapping, cooking, planning, negotiating, travelling etc, here’s some entertaining, interesting and funny stuff to keep you amused!

Happy Christmas!


Baked Spaghetti Bolognese with Disabilities

Nige has just returned from a trip in China, where he was somewhat bemused by the menu options. Maybe they deliver it to the table with a crafty kick to the knee caps?

Photo of menu: Baked Spaghetti Bolognese with disabilities!

The slowest car chase?

I know I’ve mentioned this interview with Jeremy Vine before, but it’s Xmas and you gotta listen again! It’s priceless!

audio of Jeremy Vine's interview: slowest car chase

The nation’s favourite entrepreneur!

Apparently sans Filofax. Quelle fromage!

photo of Del Trotter

My humble opinion….

Shirley Bassey – still singing LIKE THAT! Born in 1937. Still singing like that. Amazing. Great song. Great voice. Great arrangement, but…. oh, WHAT are Blake doing in it?
Wrong, wrong, wrong…

video of Shirley Bassey Xmas song

Dinner companion?

Gotta have an animal video. Here’s one of two guinea pigs sharing nicely!

video of guinea pigs sharing a meal

I don’t believe it!

Do my eyes deceive me? You bet!

video of optical illusions


photo of Jose MourhinhoAnd finally…

Top prize for sound emotional intelligence goes to Jeremy Vine, Radio Two presenter, mindful of what we’re teaching our children. Good on ya, Jezza!

Here is his Open Letter to Mourhinho

And here, his video response to the idiot on Twitter who suggested that he should’t take part in Strictly Come Dancing because he’s not a good dancer. They say it’s the taking part that counts, and sure enough, we now know that it’s the ‘growth mindset’ that allows you to try… and learn… and try again… and continue to learn, that really has you enjoy a healthy and fulfilled life.

Seems we can learn a lot from our Jeremy.

video by Jeremy Vine

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