This week’s news is so ‘last week’! 

By  Lysette Offley

Happy heart health - photo of Welsh-fry-upHappy heart-health!

When will the authorities (whoever they are!) withdraw its longstanding warnings about cholesterol?

Recently, it’s been decided that perhaps we’d jumped the gun, or should I say, the rabbits did!

Maybe this is retribution for all the horrid things we’ve done to them to control their numbers…

I’m getting carried away! And you’ve no idea what I’m talking about!

In experiments, as a result of increased cholesterol in the arteries of rabbits, attributed to feeding them a high fat diet…

(a lovely big fat fry-up Full English Breakfast, perhaps? Or maybe a Welsh one, like the one we enjoyed a while ago, complete with cockles and laver bread…)

…the powers that be warned us to cut our dietary cholesterol.

And so we did.

For the last 40 years or so.

Until it occurred to someone that maybe rabbits weren’t supposed to eat burgers and chips, and maybe, just maybe, further investigation was needed!

Happy heart health - photo of Welsh fry-up‘Cos it didn’t seem to do the rats any harm, in similar experiments!

OK, so we now know (and using that rather humorous status option on FaceBook) it’s complicated!

  • Our bodies create cholesterol in amounts much larger than our diets provide.
  • Our bodies regulate how much cholesterol there is in the blood.
  • Something like 25% of us are rather more sensitive to the effects of cholesterol.
  • And there is both “good” and “bad” cholesterol.

But finally, a big step forward, that the authorities are, at last, providing better (more truthful?) advice.

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