Stress and Anxiety 

By  Lysette Offley

Stress and anxietyWhat are Stress and Anxiety?

Stress is the word we use to describe the arousal of the autonomic nervous system. It’s what motivates us to get things done, to rise to a challenge or to get out of the way of a car driving fast towards us.

However, these days most of us behave as if we’re continually reacting to emergency situations. This puts all sorts of strains on the body. The body is designed to cope with short bursts of activity to deal effectively with physical threat but not the prolonged stress we put it through.

Occasional and mild anxiety is natural and useful, but for 10% of people in the UK it can interfere with normal life. Between 2 and 3% of people in the USA experience a panic disorder at some point in their lives and something like 25 million Americans have had occasional and mild anxiety attacks. If allowed to build up, other problems can develop such as depression.

Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy is the only clinically proven hypnotherapy to help with anxiety and depression.

Anxiety attacks are quite common these days, and understanding more about the components of an anxiety attack can help you find your own way of controlling them. Find out about anxiety symptoms and if it’s stress you’re suffering from or something a little more serious, such as anxiety depression symptom, social anxiety disorder or generalised anxiety disorder, which can include social phobia.

People who have suffered panic attacks tend to be vulnerable to developing phobias when the unconscious mind associates the environmental circumstances with the uncomfortable feeling being experienced.

Find the right anxiety treatment for you and discover why anxiety medication isn’t always the best way to solve the problem. Learn with Sounds Positive how being kinder to yourself can help you feel better and eventually, and how things you can do for yourself will enable you to let go of the problem.

The fact is, stress, anxiety and panic are treatable and in most cases, with the right help, you can probably learn to let it go yourself.

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