How to get rid of depression 

By  Lysette Offley

How to get rid of depressionDepression – when you’re in it, it’s difficult to see that it’s a temporary situation, and that, “this too shall pass.”

That’s the thing about depression, isn’t it?

It’s reckoned that we’ve evolved to keep depression in the repertoire because it is so effective at keeping us small and protective of ourselves, and well away from the danger ‘out there’.

Let’s face it, the last thing you feel like doing when you’re depressed is doing anything. So it works!

That’s not to say that you have to be a victim of depression, and that you can’t help yourself out of it.

You might end up in the doctor’s surgery, desperately seeking a solution for your depression, only to be offered medicatio by chemicals or CBT, (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

What’s wrong with CBT?

Well, nothing, on one level. I’m a great fan, and often set clients CBT exercises to do between sessions with me.

But it has a very high dropout rate on its own and is therefore not very effective. Worse, because of this, when it doesn’t work, clients blame themselves and become more despondent than ever.

“And then it hit me” – Carol Vorderman bravely talking about depression

All the money in the world; all the celebrity in the world – and depression can still catch you out. Read what Carol Vorderman has to say in the Daily Mail

Fortunately, we now know that the brain is connected to the body! We also know that not only is our physiology generated from our feelings and thoughts (think: ‘down in the mouth’, ‘everything’s looking up’) but our physiology generates our feelings and thoughts in return.

In case you have to read that again, let me explain.

You can very often tell how a person is feeling in general terms, by the way they stand, move, speak. But we also know now if you deliberately take control of your posture, language, thoughts you can make yourself feel much, much better.

How to get rid of depressionYou see this sometimes when somebody pumps themselves up emotionally, before going on stage to deliver a presentation. They deliberately throw positive and powerful shapes, knowing full well it will make them feel positive and powerful.

Trouble is of course, when you’re feeling depressed, even if you know there are certain activities or protocols that will make you feel better, you just don’t feel like doing them!

And that’s where CBT can fall down if that’s all you’re relying on to help you.

I can guarantee that if you stand, naked, in front of mirror, telling yourself every day how beautiful you are, eventually, you will believe it.

But I don’t actually know anyone who is willing to do that! 🙂

Much quicker and less painful, is to work with your unconscious mind – that part of your brain whose job it is to make sense of the world and keep you safe. To help it look for a better solution to the problem it’s trying to solve with the behaviour (depression) you don’t want.

Once your unconscious mind has tested the new solution and has found it to be good for you, it’s safe for you and OK for everyone else, it will let go of the depression that you no longer need.

This might sound very simplistic, so perhaps you would be surprised by the results possible. And yes, I’ve heard all the justifications and explanations for why you’re stuck that way, why nothing works and that it runs in the family…

And I’m not buying any of it!

So whatever is causing your depression, know that it won’t last forever, and there is something you can do to speed its demise.

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