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Uber Cyber Freaks – Technology -v- The Real Thing 

By  Lysette Offley

Uber Cyber Freaks – Technology -v- The Real Thing - photo of phone use at a dinner partyHave you noticed how some people seem to be physically attached to their mobile ‘phones? I mean – you can’t separate the two!

You know who I’m talking about. They’ve even got the damn things out in the restaurant. Without so much as an explanation, let alone apologising for their absence from the conversation, they busy themselves checking emails, football scores etc etc.

When did that behaviour become socially acceptable?

Those same people will complain bitterly when they’re ignored by the shop assistant, on the ‘phone themselves.

Is it me? Or is anyone else aghast at the prioritising of technologically over people?

Don’t get me wrong. I love technology, but to actually whip it out in the middle of a conversation, instead of staying in that conversation – surely that’s not giving the other person the attention and respect they deserve?

Research demonstrates that technology can become not only a refuge but also a prison for those people who spend less and less time actually with people, increasingly finding that they fear them. They don’t spend enough time in their company to discover that there’s nothing to be frightened of. The reason has to do with the way that anxiety works when it doesn’t get a chance to run its course naturally.

Discover too what cybercelibacy is all about for people who shut out not only friendship, but even romance and physical intimacy, preferring instead, the thrill that comes with online gaming in the virtual world.

Find out about it in this interesting article in the Huffington Post, by my good friend Dr Craig Malkin.

How Technology Threatens Intimacy | NHNE Pulse

Cybercelibates — those of us who shut out not only friendship, but even romance and physical intimacy, in favor of the rush that comes with online connection and gaming thrills ……………… HOW TECHNOLOGY MAKES US FEAR INTIMACY

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